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For Better or Worst: The Sex Life of Men 25 or Over

by Sexpillpros Staff
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The sex life of men 25 and over are completely different than the one they once lived in their earlier years. Hormones change, the experimental periods are over, and you now know what you enjoy. Most man 25 and over don’t even want as much sex as they did in their earlier years. Not saying it is not as exciting as when they were younger but teaching an old dog some new tricks are more useful when they know what they are doing and not just having sex to say they had it.

Most of the young men that have sex are past the puberty stage. This is when hormones are raging and your body is at all-time “high” at all times of the days. Other reasons why guys feel the need to have sex at a younger age is peer pressure, anxiety, afraid of awkwardness if they say no, and most of all wanting to experiment. Reading this seems dumb for sure, but that is the reasoning. Better than just saying that unwanted sex has no reason or attention behind it. Believing that is like believing you can marry someone you have no feeling towards. You can…but the purpose of it is slim to none.

couple having sex man Most of the reasons why men over 25 have sex are more mental than physical. While when they were younger everything was based on physical appearance. Men over 25 focus on things that they enjoy, characteristics that stimulate their interest, and as you get older it’s no longer about who you fall asleep with on Friday night, but who you decide to wake up to on Sunday morning. Many believe than men never want to settle but that is not true, 60% of all men are reported to be hopeless romantics and more likely to be looking for a forever. The kind of connection a couple in love shares at this stage drives up levels of oxytocin and vasopressin [the two chemicals that flood the brain with feelings of well-being]. That feeling is intoxicating to many and begin to crave it once they experience it over and over.

More Americans are addicted to sex than those who abuse prescription drugs, that intoxicating feeling to some are indeed intoxicating and addicting to more than 19.6 million adults. Exposure is one variable to consider. The advancements in technology that America has experienced are much greater than third world countries and more strict restrictions in day to day lifestyle like in Abu Dhabi, where all clothing should be at least knee high and women are required to wear cover ups.

If the diverse world that we live in were not based on the principles of diversity and freedom than many of the luxuries we value today were taken away like technology and expressive freedoms would deplenish, and so would the ability to even be a sex addict. Inquiring about men over 25, and the assumption that all men are “dogs” is completely false and as many would say childish. People marry their friends, the one they have known for yours, know all their dirt, and still love them anyway.

Men over 25 begin to have children, daughters even. When a man has a daughter his respect for women increases because he would never want to see the baby girl he raised to be “done dirty” or hurt. As men mature and hormones aren’t the only thing powering them, they become mature and level-headed. Even though the animal instinct that drives many to crave sex is not in all men.

Men over 25 are more comfortable in their body. By this time they have been through enough and discovered themselves in ways that leave them with either a “take it or leave it response”. Stamina especially, some believe that younger men eventually grow older and gain stamina with experience. In some cases that may be true, but in many cases it isn’t.

Men over 25 are no longer selfishly having sex and only focused on what “they” get out of it, but more on the female and find pleasure in their pleasure. For those who don’t have the physical stamina to compete and “win the race”, many turn to the mental aspect of what turns their partner on. Keeping things interesting and fresh in a long term relationship becomes something that many stress about but only few are able to actually do.  Here below are 6 ways to keep things fresh in the bedroom with men 25 or older.

#1 Surprises!

Be spontaneous and exciting, everyone loves the romance and candles but what about those moments when your partner is just everything you need.

#2 Communicate!

Many downplay the fact that the mind is the biggest stimulant. Understanding your partner’s changing and deepest fantasies will encourage you to see several different aspects of your partner.

woman about to kiss man #3 Flirting Never Gets Old!

Sometimes your partner just wants to be told that they look like the most stunning person on the planet. Your partner is your biggest fan.

#4 Teasing!

As you get older, for example marrying your high school sweetheart…don’t forget that some things never get old. They fell in love with you for a reason. Remind them why at one time they went week every time you stepped in a room.

#5 Old Dog, New Tricks!

Recently, there is an all-time trend in sex games. Find something that fits you and your partner and give it a try. Things like sexual board games and dices are just the beginning of your options.

#6 Have a good time!

Have a good time, at the end of the day that is your partner. You should still be able to laugh, joke, and have a good time with them no matter the age. Trying new things, you may even find something out about your partner even after all these years that you couldn’t even imagine.

The sex life of men 25 and over are completely different than the one they once lived in their earlier years. Hormones change, the experimental periods are over, and you now know what you enjoy! Or maybe you don’t and using these steps you can find something out that you had zero clue about.


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