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Foods That Can Help Boost Your Testosterone Levels

by Sexpillpros Staff

What makes a man a man? Is it by looking big and bulky? Or is it by how deep the voice is? Are guys who are taller and scruffier considered manlier?  Do you have to be sexually active to be able to confidently say that you are a real man? Is there more to manliness and masculinity that the eyes cannot see?

Did you know that men produce a particular type of hormone that plays a very crucial role in the development of their reproductive system and other sexual characteristics? Known as testosterone, it not only enhances distinguishing male features, like muscle mass, bone mass, and body hair, it also promotes healthy prostate and testes. So, every time you check your beard, biceps, or abs in the mirror, remember that they are there because of your testosterone.

Why is testosterone important?

Having the right amount of testosterone hormones in your body plays a big role in your health. If your testosterone levels are sufficient, you can enjoy a long list of benefits, including keeping the following bodily functions at excellent condition:

  • Your ability to produce sperm
  • Your sex drive
  • Your muscle mass and strength
  • Your red blood cell count
  • Your body hair
  • Your bone density

What are some good examples of testosterone-boosting foods?

To raise your testosterone levels, you should try introducing some natural and organic foods to your diet. The following are tested and proven to help increase your male sex hormones:


A scientific study found that magnesium has the ability to boost free-testosterone levels in the body. With this finding, it makes sense to eat magnesium-rich food, like spinach. Spinach contains high amounts of magnesium, which is helpful in overpowering a protein known as sex hormone binding globulin, or SHBG, which deactivates your testosterones.

Foods That Can Help Boost Your Testosterone LevelsCoconut

While coconut is more popularly known as a refreshing drink during the summer season, it also has a lot of value when it comes to keeping your testosterones at healthy levels. A study concluded that the saturated fats present in coconuts have the ability to improve testosterone production by your testicles, after observing that males who swapped their high-fat diet with low-fat diet showed significantly lower amounts of testosterones afterwards.


Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, and are also overflowing with potent antioxidants that help raise your testosterone levels. They are highly recommended if you are also looking to get in shape, gain muscle mass, and improve your strength and stamina.

Pumpkin seeds

A leading source of zinc, pumpkin seeds are an effective testosterone-boosting food that can help you rise from your declining testosterone levels. They have been proven to promote the production of more testosterone if consumed regularly.


If you are on a weight loss plan, you probably already know the many different health benefits of tuna. It helps strengthen your heart and immune system, and also reduces your risk of cancer and other diseases. It contains large amounts of omega-3 fats that not only protects you against prostate cancer, but also enhances your testosterone scores.


The tomatoes that you make your pizza and pasta tasty can also aid in keeping your testosterone levels alive. They are rich in lycopene, which is an antioxidant that can lower the risk of prostate cancer, and get your hormones going. If combined with broccoli, they can do a lot more good, especially when dealing with tumor growths in cancers.


A study that included men who were going through infertility treatment determined that introducing ginger to their diets caused a great decrease in cases of sperm DNA fragmentation. The more ginger they consumed, the higher their testosterone levels got. Due to that hormone boost, they exhibited better sex drives and lower fertility issues.


If your body’s Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels are higher than the norm, you are at greater risk of developing prostate cancer. Fortunately, pomegranate contains elements that are able to slow down PSA and protect you from these deadly cancer cells. If you drink a glass of pomegranate juice everyday, you can decelerate the growth of prostate cancer cells and keep away from a multitude of serious complications.


Just like tuna, mackerel is a heathy fish option that can help you manage your testosterone levels. According to a study, this fatty fish contains copious amounts of vitamin D, which provides the needed boost for men with hormonal issues. With consistent supply of vitamin D, your body will experience as much as a 25% increase in your testosterone levels and will feel stronger and more energized.

Foods That Can Help Boost Your Testosterone LevelsShrimp

Another fantastic source of vitamin D, shrimp can give you higher testosterone levels, as well as build your muscles. If you like to exercise, it is a highly recommended food to include to your meal plans so that you can develop your upper and lower body strength, and enjoy improved stamina and endurance.

What happens if you have low testosterone levels?

The moment your testosterone levels start to decline, you will notice various negative changes in your body, such as:

  • Reduced sex drive
  • Harder time getting erections
  • Fertility problems
  • Irregular sleeping patterns
  • Weight gain
  • Body hair loss
  • Muscle loss
  • Decreased bone density
  • Depression, self-esteem issues, and other emotional changes

Does aging affect a man’s testosterone levels?

Men reach their peak testosterone levels upon entering the puberty stage, and these usually last until early adulthood. And, once they turn 30 or 40, the amount of testosterone produced by their bodies gradually decreases by about one percent per year.

However, a decline in testosterone levels is not always because of aging. Sometimes, it is brought about by an illness known as hypogonadism, which hinders your testicles and/or pituitary glands from producing the necessary amounts of testosterones to meet your body’s needs.

If you have low testosterone levels, it is best to not automatically assume that it is due to you getting older. You must go see a doctor to examine you closely for any disease that triggers it. In case you are diagnosed with hypogonadism, you may be prescribed testosterone replacement therapy, which introduces more testosterone to your body via injections, patches, gels, or pellets.

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