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Cleanse Colon 100 – Can it be trusted?

by sexpillpros
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A product that doesn’t work is not worth your time for money. This is the reason we have put together reviews so that you can ensure that you are not scammed. Above all, you want the best for your money and your health and so by reading our advice you can clearly see which supplements will function to have the most benefits.   Even worse, is when a product does work but it does not improve your health and actually makes you feel worse for bringson horrible side effects. All of this can be avoided if you simply research the remedy you are considering buying and allow us to give you the advise.

Product Overview

One supplement on the market today is Cleanse Colon 100 and claims to help you lose weight rapidly through a ‘cleansing’ process. Manufactured by GreenFit Health, LLC this product says that it will assist the improvement of waste elimination, purify your system, increase energy levels, and burn fat through the use of only natural ingredients and herbs. The company claims that the average person might have anything up to 30 pounds of toxic waste standing your colon. By taking this supplement you could lose up to one for three pounds! This product is said to be especially effective for anyone who smokes for consumes a lot of alcohol and will flush out the bad stuff!

What are the ingredients?

The company does not disclose the components that it uses to make this product and you will not find any information on their website. One prediction is that this product could be “recycled” which basically mens that they are using the same product but with different names and labels. It would also be safe to assume that if you looked at which elements compose laxative products for other similar cleansing supplements then you may find an idea of what this product may contain. Suggestions of possible ingredients might be: cascara sagrada, psyllium, rhubarb, senna, fennel, and aloe.


This product will cost a rather excessive price of $77.99 each and every month that you continue to be signed up. The idea is that you take the 18-day free trial and then once this is over you will begin to be charged. There is no money back guarantee and if you decide to stop receiving the bottles you can call the company to cancel.  

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