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What Causes Painful Sex For Women?

by sexpillpros
Sex is not fun and pleasure all the time. It’s not always hot and erotic, either. There are moments of discomfort and pain, of wanting it to be over because it hurts more than it gives her joy. We really can’t have it all, can we? Pain during sex not only ruins it for both of you as it also results to more serious repercussions such as fear of sex and reduced libido. This eventually prompts to zero intimacy. When there’s pain, her body is trying to tell her something is wrong. Thus, it is important to pause and give her some space, so that she can determine what’s causing it.

Skipping foreplay

preview-full-155358897-56aa1a563df78cf772ac66d0Women are not as easily aroused as men are, so foreplay is vital in order to stimulate lubrication. The more lubricated she is the better she feels (no pain!) during penetrative sex. You also have to know what turns her on – it may be intense foreplay, watching porn together or oral stimulation – whatever works for her as long as she can say ‘ooh’ rather than ‘ouch’.

Not enough lube

If you’re not lubricated enough there’s no way penetration is going to feel any better. It should also be considered that the vaginal tissues are not adequately lubricated for about 5-7 minutes even after your brain is already geared up for the deed. There are other factors, too, like showers and baths as these can dry vaginal secretions. Even low-dose hormonal birth control pills can prevent you from fully ‘getting wet’.

She’s too stressed

It’s important to let all the tension go during sex. Relaxation and comfort are vital factors for her to fully loosen up and enjoy it. You can change this by de-stressing before jumping on her. Give her your best massage or listen to her rant, so she can let off some steam.

Genital fit

If she’s super petite and yours is quite huge, there goes genital fit which can make it painful for her. Lube can be useful in some cases, but in scenarios such as your penis is hitting her cervix, changing positions is the solution. The woman on top position can address this problem as she can control the speed and depth of the thrust.

Vaginal infections

preview-full-inbedInfections on her genitals such as herpes and yeast infections can make sex agonizing more than pleasurable. Women who are oblivious of their infections wouldn’t know that there may be changes in their vaginas that may be adding up to the pain. If this is the case, she needs to get checked in order for her to be properly treated. Most genital infections are easily treated, so this should not pose a challenge.


This condition happens when there’s endometrial tissue outside the uterus and this affects 7 percent of women. This physically manifests by causing pelvic pain. Your partner needs to get tested via an ultrasound screening if she constantly experiences pain during sex and if she gets painful periods. The more reason to do it if she has a relative with similar a condition as endometriosis is also hereditary.

Change in women

When women hit the menopausal stage, there are changes that can affect sexual intercourse such as her lubrication. After the menopause is completed there are parts of the vagina and vulva that may even become more sensitive. Good thing there are ways to alleviate menopausal symptoms just as long as she discusses this with her gynecologist.  

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