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Boost Your Absorption of Arginine with these Steps

by sexpillpros
L-Arginine, also called as arginine, is one of the 20 amino acids that the body requires in order to produce protein. It is categorized as semi-essential since the body already generates it, but supplementation is frequently cited as a necessity because certain stresses can use up the body’s supply. preview-full-shutterstock_290203838Arginine, being an amino acid, secretes growth hormones and a precursor of nitric oxide. When the production of growth hormones lessens, muscle mass decreases while body fat increases. This occurs as we age. The drop in growth hormones is also party responsible for the slower rate of skin growth, which makes the skin less supple. Moreover, arginine portrays other vital roles in the body, such as healing of wounds, elimination of ammonia from the body, and increasing immunity. It is also utilized in curing several cardiovascular illnesses since it is a precursor for nitric oxide, which helps in soothing blood vessels and facilitating a significant boost in blood circulation. In order to make sure that you’re able to absorb significant amount of arginine for optimal health, you can practice the following steps:

1. L-glutamine supplementation

Taking supplements containing L-glutamine can help increase the assimilation rate of nutrients in the small intestine where amino acids, such as arginine, are absorbed. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, the recommended dosage is a 500 milligram tablet taken 1-3 times each day for optimal results. Furthermore, glutamine aids in the protection of the cells that line the GI tract and augments the height of villi that line the small intestine. The villi are similar to small fingers and help in boosting the gastrointestinal tracts where assimilation happens. Consequently, you can maximize the quantity of arginine you can assimilate into your body.

2. L-Arginine supplementation

preview-full-shutterstock_362404175It only makes sense to take L-Arginine supplementation since it’s the absorption of more arginine you’re seeking for. This is apart from other protein sources or amino acids you’re consuming. Essentially, most of the digestion and amalgamation of nutrients occur in the small intestines, which is the primary delivery system for taking up the nutrients we consume. It is crucial not to take too much of arginine. An acceptable dose would be between 2-8 grams. On the other hand, it is unknown what the overdose range for arginine is. It’s best to speak with your doctor, especially if you’re suffering from any medical ailments or taking prescriptions, to be certain.

3. Go for live-culture diet

This simply means consuming yogurt on a regular basis as this will boost the quantity of healthy bacteria existing in the intestines. Ingesting certain foods like yogurt, which has the digestive enzyme lactobacillus acidophilus could make healthy bacterial flora. The creation of such flora is important as nourishing components for people’s overall health as this provides maximized amalgamation of nutrients.

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