Why are your testosterone levels going down?

The science behind testosterone decline explained The gradual decline of testosterone is something that all men will inevitably experience. As…

The science behind testosterone decline explained

The gradual decline of testosterone is something that all men will inevitably experience. As predictable as it is, many men ignore the signs of a declining testosterone, and just regard it as a decline in sexual appetite, a change in mood, maturity, and even old age. However, the decline in testosterone is something that can be fixed, thanks to the advances in nutrition and medicine.

There are many reasons why men experience a lowered testosterone, and the mode of treatment varies for each factor. Here are 3 reasons why your testosterone levels are going down:

  1. Too much sex/masturbation

Believe it or not, too much sex and masturbation can actually lead to a decline in your testosterone levels. When you climax during intercourse or masturbation, your body expels a good amount of zinc, a nutrient necessary for maintaining optimal testosterone levels. However, you would need an insatiable sexual appetite to actually make your testosterone levels decline. This is also the reason why you’re less receptive to sexual stimulus after you have just climaxed. If you’re noticing a change in your mood or you’re suddenly feeling off about sex lately, then try cutting back on sex and masturbation or take the best male enhancement supplements to correct the hormonal imbalance brought about by too much sex.

  1.   Zinc deficiency

Zinc is necessary to maintain optimal testosterone levels. If your body is not getting enough zinc through your diet, then you’re likely to experience a decline in your testosterone levels. Many supplement companies use this as an advantage to make their products appear to be effective, when they are just fixing the zinc deficiency that the user has. It’s expected for the best male enhancement supplements to contain zinc, but it should contain other testosterone-boosting ingredients like Tongkat Ali and Epimedium, just like Libido Booster Extreme.

  1. Old age

Is it really a surprise that you lose your mojo when you get older? As men get older, our natural capacity to produce testosterone goes down. The main purpose of testosterone isn’t just to boost your libido, but to promote your primary male characteristics, and as you get older, it’s less and less of a priority by your body. There’s no real way to control or alleviate the decline in your testosterone levels than to take supplements to make up for the lost testosterone. Ingredients like Tongkat Ali (Libido Booster Extreme) and Tribulus Terrestris (Formula 41 Extreme) are extremely effective ingredients to naturally increase your testosterone levels.

While many men choose to ignore their declining testosterone levels, it’s a much more important issue than men give it credit for. For one, you’re losing a lot on things that you could enjoy if you had your testosterone levels in check. If you’re aged 35 years and older, consider taking the best male enhancement supplements that keep your testosterone levels in optimal levels, like Libido Booster Extreme and Formula 41 Extreme.


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