VPX Redline White Heat – What is it?

Getting motivated for a workout can be a workout in itself! Unless, of course, you have the right supplement for…

Getting motivated for a workout can be a workout in itself! Unless, of course, you have the right supplement for the job. These days there are so many pre-workouts to choose from –the trouble is in picking the right one. And that is why we are here to help!

We dedicate our time to writing reviews to save you the research. By compiling information based on our knowledge of ingredients we deliver precise information that you can trust.

Whatever you wish to achieve we know what it is you should be looking for and so we offer a guided approach for purchasing supplements that will assist you to achieve your goals.

VPX Redline White Heat:

This product is apparently ‘The Ultimate Pre-Workout Amplifier’ which will help you have the energy before you go to exercise and give you a ‘laser-like focus.’

Ingredients:red line white heat-ingredients

At 400 mg of caffeine, this product mainly consists of stimulants and is the maximum allowance of this substance per day in one scoop alone. There is also a combination of three different kinds of Yohimbe which is a potent ingredient for boosting energy.

VPX Redline White Heat also includes a number of other ingredients such as: Hydroxypropyl, Distarch, Phosphate, Theacrine and Evodia.

Other Ingredients

If you look carefully on the bottle you will see another list of ingredients under their main label. These components can usually be avoided but unfortunately sometimes manufacturers like to bulk out their products with fillers.

The extra contents in this particular product are: Natural and Artificial Flavors, Malic Acid, Sucralean® brand Sucralose and Citric Acid Anhydrous.


You are able to buy a month’s supply at $35.69. In a tub you can reach forty full scoops – so the price is OK. There are also a number of flavors to choose from which makes this a nice purchase.

The downside is that this product alone is not going to help you gain muscle and so it is a suggestion that it is mixed with another one of their products (meaning spending more of your hard earned cash) to experience ultimate benefits.


red line white heat-testosterone boosterIf you can handle caffeine then this pre-workout is great! However, for those who wish to avoid consuming this high quantity and putting themselves at risk of suffering uncomfortable and unnecessary side effects there are other options like Xtreme Testosterone which is a much healthier alternative and cuts out caffeine completely.

Testosterone is the male hormone that helps us in many ways. If you wish to gain muscle then you are going to need a testosterone boost! The other advantages of testosterone and using natural herbs like Tongkat Ali or Horny Goat Weed are higher energy levels and a satisfactory increase in sexual desire – and who doesn’t want an optimized libido?

Xtreme Testosterone retails at $19.95 making this the first choice product when it comes to pricing. Instead of having to mix several powders together to achieve your goals you can have everything you want in one easy to take capsule!

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