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  Overview Erectile Dysfunction is every man’s nightmare. Luckily, there’s a new product in town in the name of Penis…



Erectile Dysfunction is every man’s nightmare. Luckily, there’s a new product in town in the name of Penis Patch that’s designed to solve this sexual malady. The company responsible for its production, Vimax, promises larger penis by an average of 2 inches and 25% increased in the penis’ circumference. It may be effective, but the length of time before results can be seen is cause for a concern. Also, expectations are good, but can’t be set too high because every man has particular needs. Nonetheless, Penis Patch is a promising treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction, also called ED for short, is a serious sexual issue among men but it doesn’t put your life in grave danger. Some of the most common factors are stress, age, and illness.

Though it’s not serious, it is serious in terms of a man’s emotions and mental state. Apparently, not being able to sexually perform can destroy his sense of confidence and his relationships with women.

There may be multiple remedies that were introduced such as mechanical devices, operations, and even male enhancement supplements, none really work so greatly.

So, a group of scientists collaborated on creating the ultimate male enhancement product. The result is Penis Patch. As suggested by its name, you only need to put the patch on your body. It doesn’t matter where. It looks like magic, getting better erections and sexual health just like that, but it’s science and nature, really.

Overall Functions87b

As mentioned, there’s science in all this. This starts with the usage of natural components united together to create one solid formulation that is Penis Patch. What makes this unique is that this functions by the employment of the transdermal delivery system.

The term’s definition is “through the skin”. As Penis Patch is a patch that’s to be applied on the skin, the potent ingredients are transported directly into the bloodstream through the aforementioned transdermal system.

Male enhancement pills work by being taken orally first. These then go straight to the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. So, it’s highly possible that the essential ingredients have already lost their potency even before hitting the bloodstream, hindering the entire medication less effective, or worse, futile.

Seeing this process, it’s easy to conclude that Penis Patch excels in several aspects in terms of its safety and efficiency compared to its competitors.

What composes Penis Patch?

By this time we know that Penis Patch has been developed to deliver the best results in terms of male reproductive health. Question is, are the ingredients good enough to make this happen?

So, we check the ingredients and came to know that these are mainly composed of natural stimulants, aphrodisiacs, and blood purifiers. Here they are:

Ginseng – It has been used as a male enhancement substance for hundreds of years. This means this really works as a stimulant. Classifications are Korean, American, and Siberian Ginseng. Plus, Ginseng also helps in the reduction of the hazardous outcome of microorganisms outside.

Damiana – Known for being an effective aphrodisiac, Damiana functions pretty much like how a testosterone works and that is giving the male reproductive system a significant boost. Interestingly, it is also used as an anti-depressant and cure for some forms of anxiety, which also trigger erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Gotu Kala – Known for establishing nerve stamina and getting rid of exhaustion, Gotu Kala is an herb that strongly purifies the blood.

From stimulants, to aphrodisiacs, and blood purifiers, Penis Patch is a completely developed treatment for ED that also aims to improve men’s sexual health. The natural contents of this product are testament to its safety and efficacy.

Final Thoughts
Man Wearing Nicotine Patch --- Image by © Larry Mulvehill/Corbis
Man Wearing Nicotine Patch — Image by © Larry Mulvehill/Corbis

It’s been shown that Penis Patch can really solve your erectile dysfunction woes. However, the regularity of it doing so is still uncertain.

Its maker asserts that the product can efficiently boost the penis size by an average of 2 inches while increasing its girth by 25%.

This certainly may be the scenario for some men, but its capacity to work to all men is not guaranteed. Despite this, we still think Penis Patch is a product with potential.

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