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Universal Nutrition: Animal Test – Is it the best product?

We understand the need to be able to buy a product that you can trust to help you accomplish your…

We understand the need to be able to buy a product that you can trust to help you accomplish your body building goals. With there being so many different brands, formulas and ingredients – it is no wonder that purchasing can become a difficult decision.

To make things a little easier; our reviews are compiled using accurate information that has been gathered from knowledge and research of natural herbs and clinical studies that prove their effects.

You can trust the facts and save yourself the extensive time and effort in reading the labels. Everything you need to know and understand about a product is included in the advice that we provide and is 100% trustworthy and accurate.

Product Purpose

Animal Test is made by Universal Nutrition to help increase testosterone through reducing estrogen.

The product is said to help body builders to gain muscle and endure higher levels of energy and strength. There are also libido increasing properties within this powdered formula.

The male hormone should help to produce bigger and leaner muscles while having a faster recovery period afterward.


For body building activities, this formula has been specially designed using 3,4 Divanillyl Tetrahydrofuran, Yohimbe, Trans Reservatrol with Hesperetin, 6′,7′ Dihydroxybergamottin and Patented Bioperine and Arachidonic Acid.

Some reports have shown that Yohimbe, (which is supposed to have a positive impact on the libido) may cause side effects such as insomnia, nausea, high blood pressure and even dizziness. To avoid these symptoms alternative supplements that use different ingredients can be found.

Apart from this downside, there are a number of benefits – Arachidonic Acid is said to be extremely effective for muscle development. The ingredient is stimulated when the user sweats during exercise and promotes inflammation and growth while increasing testosterone, fat burning capabilities and the blood’s circulation. The body during this time is in an anabolic state which generates these activities.

To absorb nutrients, the body needs both Dihydroxybergamottin and Patented Bioperine.

The reduction in estrogen and prevention of its circulation is caused by Trans Reservatrol with Hesperetin while the production and regulation of the male hormone is assisted by Divanillyl Tetrahydrofuran which has ketosterones from Cissus Quadrangulus.


For 21 packs to be consumed in 21 days, this product comes at a whopping price of $78.28 – which is all good if you have the money to spend! If not, you will need to search for another testosterone booster as there are no free trial packs to be found for this product to see if it works first.


Because this product contains Yohimbe (which can cause uncomfortable side effects), it would be a better option to go for Xtreme Testosterone – which happens to be the number one brand for muscle building and testosterone boosting supplement on the market today.

It is also a more affordable price of just $19.95 and includes ingredients like Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed (which have no reported side effects!)

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