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Understand Natural Ingredientsand their uses: Muira Puama

Today, we have the luxury of having the ingredients to products listed on the label. But does anyone actually look…

Today, we have the luxury of having the ingredients to products listed on the label. But does anyone actually look at them? And if they do, do they know what they are?

Most consumers are happy with whatever the bottle says on the front and disregard the small print on the back; this is all good and well – ignorance is bliss, right? But when it comes to considering our health, shouldn’t we be taking more note and making the most of this privilege of having the information present to us?

If we have the knowledge available to us, then perhaps, (at least when it comes to daily consumption and the things we buy the most) we should take the time to consider the components that make up what we inevitably digest and put into our bodies.

What is Muira Puama?

Also known as ‘The Potent Wood’ Muira Puama is a natural alternative to the prescribed drug Viagra. When the root is digested it is proven to have impressive effects on men worldwide who are suffering from erectile dysfunction or a lack of sexual desire.

Native to the Amazon Rainforest, Muira Puama is a plant that has been traditionally used in medicine for thousands of years! As shrubs and small trees, they can grow to around 14 feet; although the plants flower it is the wood and root that is cut and used as a herbal remedy.

Tribes would harvest the plant and simmer it to make a tea, which suggests that its best qualities are apparent when mixed with water as the active components are water soluble and this means that if taken as a supplement that is drunk with plenty of liquids, the benefits are most likely received faster.


Indigenous people have used the root of this plant for as long as they can remember, mainly to help optimise the libido and called it ‘The Potent Wood.’ When digested, it is known to improve the erection, generating more power and stamina. Studies have focused on the root and its effects and these were the results.

Supplements that are made with organic extracts like Muira Puama are long-term beneficial if consumed as part of a daily diet. Some natural herbs are used to treat severe and minor illnesses, but most can be prevented by incorporating the right dosage of extracts every day. For more obvious effects, combine using herbal pills, great nutrition and regular exercise.

However, the term Viagra is not at all accurate as with the prescribed drug you are more than likely going to experience some side effects. With Muira Puama being a natural plant extract, there are no risks in consuming the product to then endure nasty symptoms like withdrawals, afterwards.

How does it work?

The short-term effects of the consumption of the root increase the blood flow to the pelvis which assists the quality of the erection.

Long-term effects and daily digestion, on the other hand, enhances the release of testosterone which generally improves the libido and keep on giving you the spurts of energy that create the desire for sexual activities – making it a great life changer for anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Why Testosterone is Important

This hormone is effectively what makes us men! Without it, we would simply be women! (Just kidding . . .)

Testosterone is important to male energy; it is what impacts the sperm count, erection quality, sexual desire, muscle gain, etc. The sad fact is that when a man reaches between the ages of 30 and 35, the body decides to bring testosterone production to a halt.

Unfortunately, following this halt, testosterone levels begin to drop and can affect lives drastically – but it does happen to everyone.

With less male hormones in the body, libido can rapidly disappear and even result in erectile dysfunction. No man wants this! Luckily, with technology today, the holistic industry is able to produce natural alternatives that are affordable and functional for everyone who chooses to opt for these instead of manmade chemicals that could be potentially harmful to health.

The benefits of Muira Puama in health

There are many uses for the extract to help treat a variety of other issues, things like stress and stimulation of the nervous system. More commonly Muira Puama assists energy levels and can cure cases of fatigue and exhaustion.

Especially in South America in countries like Brazil, this herb is widely used in herbal medicine as a nerve tonic and a joint pain relief, amongst other things. Also, the herb is facilitated in Europe, where the use of Muira Puama is sworn to cure impotence and this has now started to influence the States recently, too.

What Are the Side Effects?

This is the great part of taking natural supplements! There are none!

That is right because Muira Puama is a natural herb and is plant based the extracts on their own do not create any risk of harm to the human body.

Of course, there is a recommended dosage to take that should not be exceeded, like with anything. But male enhancement manufacturers, who produce legitimate products, ensure that the quantity of each organic element is a safe amount to consume, meaning that proper supplements are 100% safe to use.

How to take Muira Puama

Like any other supplement, it is best to incorporate daily consumption as a part of a healthy and nutritious diet. Dieting alone does not have the desired impact should you wish to enhance your sex drive of build muscle and so it is highly recommended to combine this with a regular fitness regime.

If you feel that you are not gaining the desired effects or experiencing any benefits, try consulting your doctor for extra advice.

Male Enhancements

Enhancement supplements are an extremely useful source of gaining all the correct ingredients one may need to boost their energy levels in order to divulge in a better sex life or to bulk out more if aiming to build muscle while working out.

Where to Purchase Male Enhancement Pills

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There are a number of enhancement pills to cat you choose from; it simply just depends on what it is that you are personally trying to achieve.

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