Understand Natural Ingredients and their uses: L-Arginine

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hy would you just go ahead and buy any old product without knowing what it was that you were putting…

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hy would you just go ahead and buy any old product without knowing what it was that you were putting into your body?

If there were better alternatives to chemicals and harmful products, wouldn’t you want to know?

“But the bottle says natural extracts; surely that is sufficient enough info?”

Take charge of your life and begin to understand fully all of the ingredients that make up the items you purchase! This way, you can know what it is you are compatible with and the things that disagree with you and your body.

By no means do we mean to go overboard (which is quite easily done once you start). Just take note of the different elements that go into today’s market and avoid unnecessary health problems related to hazardous components.


Arginine is an amino acid. There are those of you who may have paid attention in school and those of you who may have been more interested in daydreaming over the hot science teacher! So for those of you don’t know, read on to find out (in short).

Although this looks complicated, it is, in fact, very simple! Consisting of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, this is what the structure of L-Arginine looks like in the lab. These amino acids are vital to the human body and assist in the role of protein within the muscle.


These organic compounds are crucial to our biology and are made up of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen – sounds technical? Muscles are mainly made up of water, but the second-largest component is amino acids in the form of proteins.

On top of this, they make up a lot of human cells and tissue, but outside of proteins, they are critical in the transporting of neurotransmitters (or chemical messages) around the body.



Amino acids like L-Arginine enter the body via consumption of a healthy diet and make up those all-important proteins. Protein is the fuel for the human body and is essential to building muscle. Proteins are the product of amino acid composition.

L-Arginine is usually found in poultry, red meats and dairy products but can be extracted by a lab and is now also found in male enhancements and other supplements.


This particular amino acid is used for various treatments and helps to build up certain pharmaceuticals that you can be prescribed.

Combined with manmade chemicals, L-Arginine is a component to medications for severe illnesses such as breast cancer, dementia and helping treat patients with AIDS but this amazing amino acid also plays a part in minor health issues like headaches and is an element of Ibuprofen.


L-Arginine also is known to help with high blood pressure and heart problems. It is proven to be a great prevention of inconveniences like colds and inflammation.

Not only does this amino acid help prevent illness, but it also contributes to improving matters such as the functions of the kidneys.


When used as a cream, L-Arginine can heal skin problems and speed up blood flow to wounds, hands and feet, making it especially useful for people who suffer from diabetes.


An interesting topic is how this amino acid helps to cure erectile dysfunction and infertility.  If the correct dosage is consumed orally on a daily basis, studies have shown the men who suffer from ED have experienced a dramatic impact to improving their sexual health and desires.

L-Arginine is used to treat erectile dysfunction by doctors and patients have described feeling an increase in their libido as well. Extracts are used in male enhancement products that are available online here.



When L-Arginine enters the body, it converts into Nitric oxide and then this generates the release of insulin, growth hormones and stimulates wider blood vessels to increase blood flow.

Nitric oxide is essential to the growth of muscles and so by taking supplements with L-Arginine components is bound to accentuate the physique. For best results in bodybuilding, maintain a regular workout and make sure to eat a healthy diet.


If the correct dosage is taken by mouth combined with a nutritional diet and regular exercise, then L-Arginine is safe for most people.

Supplement manufacturers ensure that the right quantity of each extract is applied to their pills.

However, if you are prone to allergies then use L-Arginine or any other male enhancement with caution and consult your doctor before digestion.


If you are taking 100% natural and legitimate supplements that contain L-Arginine, it is highly unlikely that you are to experience any symptoms that are of risk. This is because companies who produce real holistic remedies understand the ratios and allowances of a daily allowance of each organic extract included in their products.

Like any other drug, vitamins or food it is advised that each should be consumed in moderation and to not exceed the suggested amount of any item.

Supplements are designed to be beneficial and because they consist of all natural ingredients, there are no nasty side effects that you may experience when using manmade chemicals bought over the counter or prescribed. There is no risk of dependency and therefore, there are no issues if you were to discontinue having them included in your daily diet.


The amino acid L-Arginine has so many benefits, but if you are concerned, it is wise to seek professional advice before beginning to consume supplements that contain the extract. Asking someone for extra information is useful simply because there are certain medications that this component has the potential to interact with like Viagra for instance. Always check with your doctor before mixing any kind of medicines.


It is unfortunate that today’s market is a mixture of counterfeit and real items. Of course, it can be difficult to tell the difference.

If you are looking for a legitimate product that works then, click here for a list of supplements and their reviews.

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