Top 5 Causes of Low Libido 

Do you have a low sexual desire? Having a low sexual desire is probably one of the things that most…

Do you have a low sexual desire?

Having a low sexual desire is probably one of the things that most men dread of. A man’s libido represents his masculinity, and without it, a man is practically emasculated from within. Low libido levels are quite common in men, especially with older men. As men age, testosterone production drops, which subsequently affects sexual desire. Apart from the obvious decline of testosterone as men age, here are the top 5 causes of low libido levels:

  • Frequent masturbation 

Frequently masturbating can alter your hormone levels to a point that your body no longer has the right balance of hormones to sustain the whole duration of a sexual intercourse. As you experience an orgasm, your body expels zinc, which is a mineral needed to maintain healthy testosterone levels. Frequent masturbation can also affect the way the blood flows to your penis, and in rare cases, frequent masturbation can also affect the nerve endings which degrade the sexual pleasure.

  • Being overweight 

Overweight guys tend to have lower libido levels. This is largely due to the hormonal imbalance linked to being overweight. Hormones control muscular growth and your libido. Increasing your weight would affect the hormones in your body, leading to a decrease in your libido. Also, an increased amount of fat in your body leads to an increase in Sex Hormone Binding Globulins (SHBG) in your system. SHBG binds to testosterone, which means that you would have fewer hormones to have a healthy sex life.

  • Your diet 

Certain food types can actually decrease your sexual drive. Some foods can lower your body’s production of testosterone, and as a result, it adversely affects your sex drive. Some types of food to avoid are: licorice, soy-based products, and microwaveable popcorn. Microwaveable popcorn bags contain perfluoroalkyl acyds which are known to lower libido and sperm count.

  • Alcohol intake 

If you’re fond of taking alcohol, it might lower your libido levels as well. Although alcohol can help you and your date ease into the bedroom, too much alcohol can actually kill your libido, along with your inhibitions. It’s okay to take a glass or two when you’re out, but don’t make it a habit to get wasted especially if you’re planning to go home with someone.

  • Smoking  

Researchers have found out that smoking is one of the most common factors that affect a man’s libido. Not only could smoking affect your libido, it can also cause erectile dysfunction. Men who smoke have twice the risk of developing erectile function. Smoking causes a vasospastic effect, which is generally a spasm of the arteries that reduce the blood supply to the penis. Erectile dysfunction due to smoking affects younger men the most since smoking also lowers testosterone levels, and subsequently, the sperm count.

If you’re having problems with your libido, make sure that you avoid all of the risk factors mentioned above and take the best male enhancement pills like Formula 41 Extreme to get your libido back to its normal levels.

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