The Truth about Cardiovascular Health and ED Supplements

The male enhancement segment of the supplement industry has been one of the fastest growing markets globally. You get bombarded…

The male enhancement segment of the supplement industry has been one of the fastest growing markets globally. You get bombarded by commercials on television and advertisements on the internet. On the heels of the introduction of hundreds of sex pill endorsements are the warnings about them.

Ask the Doc

The first thing you should do before even considering a regimen of male enhancements is visit your doctor, especially, if there seems to be no definable reason for the sexual issue. This is because erectile dysfunction can be an indication of some other disorder or condition. The most common is cardiovascular disease.

Cardio Stats

The three most common causes are also the three most preventable. These include diet, exercise, and smoking tobacco products. As of 2013 the American Heart Association (1) estimated that one in every three deaths in the United States is from cardiovascular disease. Heart disease and ED have many of the same risk factors (2) such as:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Tobacco Use
  • Alcohol Use
  • Low Testosterone

Not an Automatic Sentence

This does not mean experiencing an erection issue is an automatic diagnosis of heart complications. It is better to rule it out first so you can concentrate on your sexual health. Depression, stress, and anxiety can also exhibit themselves through the inability to achieve an erection.

Could Be Temporary

Keep in mind that you may not be suffering from ED, if one day you cannot get an erection. Most all men experience this once or twice throughout life. It is when you cannot get it up for several weeks consistently. Increased stress at work or home can cause your penis to be flaccid.

Generally, when you care for your mental and physical health. There are a number of medications which can interact poorly with certain male enhancement medications. Any medication which lowers your blood pressure can be dangerous to take with ED pharmaceuticals. This has a large majority of men with ED turning to natural alternatives to address the issue.

Watch for Scammers

Once you have the go-a-head from the doc, you can begin concentrating on doing some research to discover which supplements actually work and which are scams. Below are a few tips to keep in mind during your search.

Honest male enhancement supplement (1a) companies with publish a great deal about how and why their product works. Sites which display very little in the way of description and explanation are probably not trustworthy.

Research Tips

  • Companies that do not offer some form of guarantee may not be legit.
  • Research the product and company online to see, if others have been ripped off or disappointed.
  • Visit the manufacturers website to look or customer review and feedback. All positive reviews should throw up a red flag. Of course all negative reviews are self-explanatory.
  • Be aware of reoccurring charges which, for the most part are handy; however, this also another way that scammers take honest people in.

Natural Improvements


Libido boosters (2a) and male enhancement pills are not out of the question, if you do have a heart issue. It simply means that you should address that first and speak with a medical professional about your options. ED is not simply an aging process. It is usually a buildup of toxins and an inhibited circulatory system. Both of these problems can be effectively corrected through a proper diet and consistent physical activity.

Fast, junk, and highly processed foods introduce toxins into your blood stream. This clogs your veins and arteries while causing oxidative stress at the cellular level. A diet which contains many fresh, organic fruits and vegetables provides your body with anti-oxidants to battle cell stress. Foods such as leafy green veggies, cayenne peppers, and dark chocolate promote blood flow which is one of your main weapons.

Physical activity is also important to your circulation and heart. This does not mean you must spend every free, waking moment in the gym or that you have to invest a large amount of money to building on at home. It means getting up and moving a bit on a regular basis. Some examples might include hiking, swimming, and/or a simple routine set of exercises every other day or so.

Healthy Supplementation

As far as supplements, yes, there are those which can correct your ED issue. Many of the effective ingredients in enhancement pills truly do work and ancient cultures have been using them for hundreds of years. A large number of them also improve blood flow. This is not only great for achieving an erection, but for your cardiovascular health as well.

First Contender


Gingko Biloba (3) has been scientifically proven to improve all stages of the sexual cycle including desire; erection; lubrication secretion; orgasm; and even afterglow. The study in question was specifically aimed at men who were experiencing antidepressant initiated ED. Gingko Biloba is widely used to promote neurological health (4) and improve the circulatory system (5) through arterial flow.

Second Up

There are numerous studies published about the efficacy of L-Arginine as a treatment for ED. It was found to restore sexual function (6) in men, correction of varied type impotency, and significantly improve vascular health (7).

Third Champ

Mucuna Pruriens demonstrates sexual invigorant capabilities (8). It is clinically proven to be an antidiabetic and produce androgenic actions. This plant, sometimes referred to as the Magic Velvet Bean (3a), is rich in antioxidants and combatted oxidative penile stress in research studies.

These are only a few of the many examples, but it is enough to demonstrate an interesting fact. Not only do these natural ingredients promote sexual health and improve function, they are also good for your vascular, especially cardiovascular, health. While it is definitely essential to speak with a professional, there are a number of heart healthy plants which can enhance both.

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