Sexy Positions to Try With Your New Found Libido

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou may have started taking some amazing new enhancements and the effects are kicking in like never before! You feel…

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou may have started taking some amazing new enhancements and the effects are kicking in like never before! You feel like a teenage boy once again; life is great!
Your partner is satisfied and your penis even feels bigger, possibly even wider! But what to do with this new found energy and girth? Your sexual desires are telling you not to waste this opportunity – missionary is just simply not going to cut it anymore!

It is time to get out the sex bible and delve into the world of Karma Sutra. Why the heck not? You only live once, right?

You may have been thinking that your sex life was over until you started taking male enhancement pills! Then you finally found the energy and drive to make a go of experimenting with all the positions you never imagined were possible.

Who needs a bed when you could be standing?

Yup! That’s right, try pressing up to your lady while she does the dishes. Give her a nice surprise and let her feel your manhood hit her from behind.

Once she is all wound up by your sexy kisses around her neck and ears, spin her around and lift her onto the kitchen side. In the beginning, you can have her sit up there and put her weight on you so that you know what you will be dealing with in the future when there is no need for her to be mounted on anything.

Test your newfound abilities!

At first, you can use the counter top. There is no strength necessary in getting her to bend over and have her use the work side to hold onto for support.

Soon after you have built up the strength using the supplement of your choice along with your regular workout, you will gain the strength to freefall and there will be no need for a platform.

Surprise yourself and your other half
Make her boring household jobs feel way more interesting! Just make sure the curtains are closed and the radio is playing because the neighbours may not appreciate the free sex show! However, this is one thing your wife will never forget . . .

Because using male enhancement pills helps build up the libido as well as muscle strength, you should try this one out for size, for sure!

Let her have control

You may be getting down and dirty – you know, the way you normally do? Sex is now a routine, where you start with a little smooching in the bed, perhaps move onto some oral, but wait! Before you go on top and start to resume position, shake things up a little! After all, you haven’t been ‘risky’ for a while and these male enhancement supplements you have been taking sure are working great!

Have her know, this time, it’s about her

Because when she gets wild – you have the best sex of your life!

In order to have the woman take control in the bedroom, sometimes you just need to simply give her that boost of confidence. Taking the time to perform oral sex, shows that you are wanting her to get crazy and then when left in a daze but still in need of finishing, there is no doubt she will become the dominatrix in which you so desire!


Try going back down on her, go slow and take your time. Wait until you know that she is feeling it and this is not just her duty to make it seem like she is enjoying herself. You can tell when she is good and giddy; her back starts arching and she is making those noises like she did when you first got together.

Lay back and enjoy!

Once she is just about to come and you have teased her enough to get her confidence built up – get ready to be mounted! If you leave her hanging at this stage, there is no way she is going to put up with that. Watch how she devours you to get you in the same state and then how she climbs on board to take action. You are not going to get away with this one lightly; that’s for sure!

If you want to keep it simple

Some of us like traditional and like to play it safe before we go in at the deep end. If the missionary is the position for you guys, then keep it that way but add a little flair to experience the potential in the world of sex that lies out there just waiting to be discovered!

It’s all about angle

If you can manage to twist onto your side for just a 45-degree angle for the most part of this experience . . . CONGRATULATIONS! You are already onto a winner and have entered a new position!

Little things make a difference

By doing this, you are to feel a whole new sensation that will spur you into exciting new realms when it comes to shaking up your standard sex life. Undoubtedly, the pair of you are going to enjoy this as much, if not better than the usual and perhaps start to wonder what more you can both achieve!

Don’t leave positions as the final stop . . .

Take your kinkiness to the next level and move location. When you have been together for a while and the scenery doesn’t change, life and sex can rapidly become boring. Make things spicy and try doing it outdoors! Take her somewhere and take her by surprise, just make sure it is not anywhere too public as you do not want to end up getting yourselves arrested!

Male enhancement options

There are a variety of enhancement pills that can be taken for improving strength, stamina and desires. All of which require to be taken as a part of a nutritional diet alongside regular exercise for the best effects.

If you are considering taking supplements to enhance your sex life then click here to see a list of recommended brands and their reviews.

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