Sexting 101: A Man’s guide to Sexting

Learn everything you need to know about sexting Have you tried sexting your significant other? Sexting is like the more…

Learn everything you need to know about sexting

Have you tried sexting your significant other? Sexting is like the more artful version of phone sex, where you creatively convey romance, eroticism, seduction, and pleasure in a plain text message. It sounds complex already, doesn’t it? Although sexting can be really exciting and erotic, a lot of men remain clueless about what to do when sexting.

Women complain that men do not know the first thing about sexting. In a way, sexting is a lot similar to sex. It doesn’t just happen when you’re bored and have nothing to do at night, the sexual tension and seduction builds up over time and just happens at the right time. Here are some things about sexting that you need to know:

    1. Class not crass

One thing that guys need to understand is that sex and vulgarity do not mix well with sexting. It appears that some guys think that dirty talk needs to be really dirty to be sexy. It doesn’t. Don’t be rude when you sext. Use words that you’d use in real life, and be mindful of the words that could offend whoever it is that you’re sexting. Read an erotic novel to have an idea about what words you can use to turn her on.

    1. Keep it private

It may be tempting to show your buddies your sext logs and pictures of the smokin’ hot chick you sexted with, but man up and be a gentleman about it. A little decency and discretion goes a long way.

    1. Don’t send unsolicited sexts and dick pics

There are only two possible outcomes if you do these: One, you can come across as a completely self-absorbed pervert worthy to be shared and laughed at by her friends, or as someone who’s one text away from getting a sexual harassment suit. Don’t send unsolicited sexts and dick pics. If you have a strong sexual tension with that person, let it build up and let the sexting come naturally. Only send dick pics when requested, or else you can find pictures of your man parts shared with the whole lot of your friends.

    1. Match her pace and tone

If she likes to take it slow, go slow. If she wants to be playful, be playful. Just like in real sex, you match what she is doing as much as possible. You don’t say “I’m having a big erection” just after she says that she’s lying on her bed. Let it build up – don’t rush it.

    1. Live up to the hype

If your sexting goes the distance and eventually lands you in bed together, make sure that you live up to the hype, or else it would be incredibly disappointing. There’s no sense building up sexual tension over text if you can’t back it up. Make sure that you have that same insatiable sexual appetite in bed, and if you say that you have a rock-hard soldier in your pants, make sure that it greets her with a sturdy salute. Take the best male enhancement pill before you seal the deal. One pill of Formula 41 Extreme would ensure that you meet and exceed her expectations.


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