Purely Bright Review: Is it a hoax?

Purely Bright Inquiry The signs of aging skin are difficult to battle and most skin care products on the market…

Purely Bright InquirySkin care product

The signs of aging skin are difficult to battle and most skin care products on the market exacerbate the process. Jurlique Internationals manufactures a group of gentle skin care products which they say can erase dark circles, relieve puffy eyes, and smooth the lines sneaking across facial areas. The products are called Purely Bright and are said to be capable of living up to their name. They have been designed to hydrate dry regions and rejuvenate tired skin. The plant extracts in the formulas for the Purely Bright line are advertised as specifically formulated renew the elasticity frequently occurs during the aging process.

Purely Bright Properties and FunctionsPurely Bright Ingredients

Satsuma is a fruit from the citric family which bears no seeds, but contains a great deal of vitamin C. It provides naturally occurring UVA and UVB ray shielding. Vitamin C has long been recognized as a dominant free radical destroyer. Jojoba Seed oil is actually pressed from a nut of the desert shrub and possesses extremely powerful healing properties. These have been recognized by the Native American peoples for several hundred years. It is said to revitalize weary skin through highly moisturizing and replenishing actions. Squalene is a naturally occurring element in plants as well as animals. It is expressed from plants and incorporated into numerous brands of personal and skin care products. It is an extremely nourishing emollient that infuses the skin with powerful antioxidants. The African Birch offers antioxidants assist in the prevention of premature aging by improving the ability of fibroblasts to incorporate vitamin C. This action promotes and supports collagen synthesis.

Purely Bright Upsides and Downsides

Purely Bright Upsides

Jurlique International’s line of skin care solutions contain natural plant compounds.

The components in these products have been singularly confirmed in laboratories.

There are no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates in the Jurlique International line.

They seem to be able to lighten dark spots due to the high vitamin C content.

There are countless consumers who are thrilled with these face care serums and creams.

A 45-day money back guarantee is provided by the manufacturer.

Purely Bright Downsides

There are a number of negative comments posted about the alcohol concentration in this line of face care.

Others negative user experiences concerning the heavy fragrances included in these formulas.

Purely Bright is a very expensive commitment.

Products with more than 30% missing from the container will not be accepted.

Prior to shipping returns to the company consumers must obtain an approval code.

Purchase Site

There are several places to obtain the Purely Bright skin care solutions. Examples are the Jurlique Internationals company webpage, Sephora, and amazon.com.

1.4 Ounces of Night Moisturizer by Purely Bright is about $50 to $60

1 Ounce of Treatment Serum from Purely Bright sells for around $40 to $60

.5 of an Ounce of Correcting Eye Cream by Purely Bright is a cost of $30 to $50

Final Thought

There are many positive points in Purely Bright’s favor. Some of these include fans who are thrilled with the results from its use and scientific evidence backing each ingredients claims for efficacy. There is a money back guarantee, but it is very costly for continued use. It is also said to contain too much fragrance and alcohol.

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