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ProState Relief Review: Is it a scam?

ProState Relief Analysis   Native Remedies claims to create 100% natural formulas to address frequent bathroom breaks. Their claim to…

ProState Relief AnalysisProstate solution


Native Remedies claims to create 100% natural formulas to address frequent bathroom breaks. Their claim to fame here is a supplement called ProState Relief and its registry at the official Food and Drug Administration. The advertisements for it state that it can heal an inflamed prostate which will improve urine flow. The prostate grows throughout a man’s entire life. As it enlarges, it begins to restrict the flow of urine as because the urethra runs through it.   The all-natural plant properties of ProState Relief are supposed to be capable of decreasing pain from urination by correcting inflammation issues and enhancing bladder function. As the prostate grows, it places men at a greater risk of developing prostate disease. Native Remedies claim to have a natural solution in a tablet. ProState is said to reduce risks of cancer as well as shrinking tumors and prevent them from growing.

ProState Relief Properties and FunctionsProState Relief - Ingredients

Saw Palmetto grows wild in North America and long ago the Native peoples used the berries that it bars as medicine. It can correct BPH issues and some researchers believe that it delivers these results as well as medications on the pharmaceutical market, but with no sexual side effects. The extract counteracts inflammation and tames the overactive bladder.

Cubeba is used in phytotherapy to act as a tumor growth retardant. It also prohibits the body from manufacturing dihydrotestosterone from testosterone. It actually throws road blocks all along the androgen signaling pathway.

Chimaphila Umbellata is also often used in remedies for BPH and Prostatitis. Inflammation from these conditions severely constricts urine flow. This component produces anti-inflammatory effects in the prostate gland and increases urine output.

Poison Hemlock, often called Conium Maculatum, is used with Saw Palmetto berries decrease swelling and kick up the libido.

This supplement should be swallowed or allowed to melt on an empty stomach.

2 Pills or 4 Pellets Every 3 Hours Followed by

2 Pills or 4 Pellets 3 Times Every Day for 5 Days.

ProState Relief Assets and Deficits

ProState Relief Assets

It is said to be on the Food and Drug Administration website registry.

There is a great deal of scientific data to review which verifies the manufacturer’s claims.

There tons of positive reviews on Prostate Relief’s official webpage.

ProState Relief Deficits

The FDA makes sure to point out that being present on its registry is not proof of approval.

The supplement’s official website appears to be the only place customer comments are published.

Purchase Location

Customers can buy ProState Relief from the company website and on other supplement sites for $20 to $40 for a container of 180 tablets or pellets which is a month’s supply.

End Note

Native Remedy appears to be a bit shady as it proudly states that ProState Relief can be found on the official FDA government registry website, which is true; however, this is not the same as approval. This is a poor purchase decision as the company misleads consumers from the get go.

Many customer comments express satisfaction; however, they only posted on the official website. Native Remedies seems very proud that their product is registered with the FDA, but the FDA website plainly states this is not an approved drug. This appears to be a poor purchase decision because these claims are rather suspicious.

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