Penis Size – Why Size Matters

The lowdown on why the size of your penis matters How many times have you heard people say that when…

The lowdown on why the size of your penis matters

How many times have you heard people say that when it comes to sex, size doesn’t matter? Or it’s not the size of the gun but how well you aim it. It’s quite true, to be honest – since some studies say that how men feel about the size of their penis isn’t really related to their ability to pleasure women.

Let’s start off by stating the obvious – some women do not care about your penis size, but some women do. The real question is – does it matter to you?

What matters and what do not

When people say that your concern about your penis size is all in your head, does that mean that it doesn’t matter? Of course it does. Ever heard of body image, ego, and being the alpha male? It plays a big factor in our sex life that we know how we measure up against other men.

How you think and feel about your penis matters, and that starts with knowing what you can do with your penis. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a small penis, but not knowing how to use it is even worse. Make it your goal in bed to satisfy your partner. A small penis that can satisfy a woman is still better than a large penis that can’t do anything but penetrate.

Think about this – if you have a small-to-average penis, and you’re still able to satisfy your woman, then why do you need anything different than what you already have?

Having an average penis may be a disadvantage if you look at things from a different angle. Bigger penises make men more confident in bed. Bigger penises can satisfy women better than small penises – and that’s based on a scientific fact.

Why bigger penises matter

It’s a common misconception that the length is what matters for sex, but it’s not. The girth of your penis is what matters most during penetration. A wider penis stretches the walls of the vagina and puts more pressure on the vestibular bulbs, which gives women the pleasure of a completely filled vagina. The sensation of knowing that the vagina has stretched to its limits also give women added pleasure. The added tension on the labia causes more movement on the tissue surrounding the clitoris. Added stimulation of the clitoris plus the maximized surface area that the penis has contact with on a woman’s vagina adds to the sexual pleasure, which can quickly turn into a giant orgasm.

What can you do about it?

Being happy with what you have doesn’t apply to sex. If you can do something about the size of your penis, then do it. The best penis enlargement pills are there for the taking. Supplements like Formula 41 Extreme can help boost the length and girth of your penis. Formula 41 Extreme also has libido-boosting capabilities which help you perform better and longer in bed. Read up on ways to be a better lover in bed and use the best male enhancement supplements to be the best man she ever had.

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