Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Review: Is it the real deal?

Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Inquiry The products designed by Obagi Medical Pharmaceutical contain chemicals which require a written prescription. This can…

Obagi Nu-Derm Clear InquirySkin bleaching solution

The products designed by Obagi Medical Pharmaceutical contain chemicals which require a written prescription. This can be obtained from general medical practitioners, medical spa facilities, and dermatologists.  This pharmaceutical manufacturer is a worldwide distributor which began nearly 30 years ago. This specific set of products was formulated to address the issue of premature aging. The manufacturer claims that it has the ability to repair photo damage in skin cells; reverse UVA damage; and erase blemish scarring from breakouts. Obagi says that these skin bleaching solutions retard hyperpigmentation; lighten odd discolorations, and prevent the melasma formation. They assist in correcting these conditions by healing the damage to skin cells and shielding the skin from future problems. The active compounds can be found below as well as the data effectiveness through clinical trials.

Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Properties and Functions

Obagi Nu-Derm Clear PropertiesOne of the most powerful skin bleaching agents is called hydroquinone and for this reason requires a prescription. A strong sun screen should be worn while using it to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation, melanocytic activity, and discoloration. Hydroquinone should be used only under professional medical supervision as it can result in extreme sensitivity or severe irritation. Ascorbic acid is taken from vitamin C and offers a wide range of skin health advantages. It is often incorporated into products which offer purifying, cleansing, and exfoliating actions. Glycerin shields as it moisturizes and has been a popular skin care ingredient for centuries. It is derived from the botanical oils and is known as a humectant. It has the ability to provide moisture to skin cells by drawing it from the environment. Tocopheryl acetate is a form of vitamin E and manufacturers around the world include it in skin care formulas. It deeply penetrates skin cells to imbue them with hydration. It has demonstrated the ability to form a barrier to reduce the loss of moisture. Vitamin E is known to decrease the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Credits and Debits

Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Credits

Scientific research data is readily available on the ingredients within this formula.

The official website offers positive user feedback; however, that posted anywhere else is not pertaining to this solution.

A partial list of fraudulent websites may be found on the company site.

Obagi Nu-Derm Clear Debits

This is one of the costlier options on the market.

A valid prescription must be obtained to purchase this product.

Harsh chemicals known to cause adverse reactions are included in this formula.

While using this product, consumers must wear an effective sun screen.

Saponins; propylparaben; methylparaben; and butylparaben are included in the formula.

Sodium metabisulfite is in this product and known to cause breathing issues most commonly in those diagnosed with asthma.

Purchase Spot

This company only manufactures product for the pharmaceutical market and a medical prescription to obtain any one of them. Products sold with this name that do not require a prescription are counterfeit.

End Note

The active ingredients in the formula have been verified by the scientific community as effective; however, they have also demonstrated severe side effects. This is not a wise option for those seeking a natural solution.

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