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MaxiMuscle Promax Lean by MaxiNutrition Product Review

  When you are an athlete it can be difficult to get the amount of protein you need to build…


Coffee BeansWhen you are an athlete it can be difficult to get the amount of protein you need to build lean muscle on your frame that will help give you optimum performance for the amount you have trained. Athletes are busy, always on the go, from the gym to practice from practice to the showers. It is hard to find the time to eat 100 plus grams of protein on a daily basis without having a shake you can rely on to build up your muscle.

That is why we are reviewing Maximuscle Promax today, it is an enriched protein shake with a unique, specially patented whey protein formula that offers 38 grams per serving of protein in just one beverage. This will save you time and effort…. If it works. You need protein without the fat, sugars, and carbs. You want muscle not fat to make you into a lean, mean, machine.

What makes MaxiMuslce Promax work?

This shake has BioMAX whey protein complex in it, which is a new kind of whey protein blend that takes multiple different kinds of protein and blends it into one 38 gram serving. Protein, obviously as we know, supports muscle growth and helps your training pay off. Now the formula also has substances in it that will help you be able to train harder and better with increased focus and mental acuity. Caffeine and Vitamin B5 support the mental aspects of training that are often overlooked in competing protein shake formulas. Guarana Extract is added to stimulate the nervous system to really pack an extra punch of energy into the shake. The drink works on the entire body from the brain to the nervous system to the muscles to prep you for your intense workouts.

ReviewsMaxiMuscle Promax Lean by MaxiNutrition Product Ingredients

Looking over the reviews on the websites people who purchased this product were generally pretty satisfied with their results. Promax only had a handful of disappointed customers, and for all we know they weren’t putting the work in to get the results they wanted, as no one complained of the taste or chalkiness either, just mainly the price.


If you are looking for a pretty no frills protein shake that just packs the grams in with just a few added bonuses this may be the shake you have been waiting for your whole life. The one major flaw I see with this shake is that it is priced really high when there really isn’t anything so specially about it. This is just whey protein, it isn’t organic, and there aren’t tons of other vitamins and minerals added to the mix. If you just want straight whey protein, you might just be able to find something cheaper, though the quality of this whey protein is really high.

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