Life at the Playboy Mansion: Every Man’s Dream? 

Inside bits about life inside the famous bunny mansion Who wouldn’t want to live like a celebrity inside the famous…

Inside bits about life inside the famous bunny mansion

Who wouldn’t want to live like a celebrity inside the famous Playboy mansion? With bunnies catering to your every whim, it’s no wonder that living in the Playboy house is at the top of male fantasies. But how much do we really know about life inside the Playboy mansion? According to our sources, despite having numerous reality shows and magazines published, life inside the Playboy mansion isn’t as glamorous as we imagined it to be.

We did a little digging about the life of the Playboy bunnies inside the Playboy mansion. Young, aspiring pin-ups who had been Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends inside the Playboy mansion shared a few insider information about how life is inside the Playboy mansion – and their revelations isn’t something that many of us expected. Here are some things you didn’t know about the Playboy mansion:

    1. Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends have curfews

Yes – and a strict one at that. It appears that girlfriends are treated with the same strictness grandparents have on their grandkids. They aren’t allowed to party all night outside of the Playboy mansion, nor are they allowed to bring friends over to visit. Hugh’s girlfriends must be at home before 9 pm or they would be reprimanded for their actions.

    1. Getting emails from Hef isn’t sweet

If one of the girls does something outside of their strict code of conduct, expect that Hef would send an email to let them know about it. The sharp octogenarian knows everything that happens inside his house – yes, even what goes on in social media. Hef’s girlfriends are expected to show everything about Playboy and their life in the mansion in a good light, or they’d get an email from Hef, much like how your boss would let you know if you’ve done something wrong.

    1. Playboy has private parties for sale

Due to the dwindling sales and the recession, Playboy and Hef are looking for new ways to score some cash – even to the point of selling private parties at the mansion. Back in the day, only Hollywood A-listers are allowed to go inside the Playboy mansion. Now, all you need to have is cash, and you can party inside the Playboy mansion with all of the bunnies inside.

    1. No more allowance for girlfriends

Hef was known for his generosity, especially for his girlfriends. Back in the day, Hef would give the Girlfriend of the Year a brand-new Porsche, but now, it’s just a mini cooper that she had to return after a year. Even the $1000 a week allowance had been lowered down to just free room and board at the mansion.

    1. Youngest son as successor

It was revealed that Hef’s youngest son and lookalike, Cooper Hefner, would likely succeed him to run the business. At only 23, Cooper could live out the fantasies of millions of men around the globe. Our advice to Cooper – take the best male enhancement pills like Formula 41 extreme to keep up with the lifestyle.

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