Kicking Caffeine: Life after Coffee

There are a number of us who are guilty for only being able to start the day with coffee, and…

There are a number of us who are guilty for only being able to start the day with coffee, and then maintaining the rest of it through more coffee. We are simply coffee addicts.

kickingcaffeine-aSome of us just cannot function without it, and it becomes a sad state of affairs when we do not get our hit in the morning. Ploughing through life wired at work and itchy and agitated until we get the next fix of Starbucks.
There are alternatives to your coffee addiction, natural supplements can bossy your energy for the day and leave you feeling fresh without the side effects of mass caffeine consumption.
But what if there was another way to gain energy and feel wide awake without the side effects of coffee? Would you be willing to put down the mug and give it as try?

How to start your coffee free day

When you wake up in the morning, and you feel sluggish, instead of putting the kettle on and moping around until you have a steaming hot cup of caffeine with added sugar, try switching to a fruit smoothie instead.

Put some granola on top, preferably with nuts like cashews which are stocked full of protein that is bound to boost those energy levels of yours.

Pop your natural herbs

After you have digested something appropriate to eat – make enhancement supplements a part of your routine. The great thing about the holistic remedy industry is that they include all natural and organic extracts as their ingredients; each one is specially measured to provide the exact maximum amount that an individual can intake and needs to feel the powerful benefits without experiencing nasty side effects.

Try a little workout

Whether you walk to the store, or you take up swimming, after you have ensured a decent breakfast go and pump yourself up for the day.

Statistics show that people who work out in the morning have a more positive attitude for the rest of the day and higher energy levels.

Beat the cravings

Throughout the day you may imagine could get tough, especially if you have been relying on coffee for a long time. You might think it would be better to wean yourself off it and whatever works for you! Some people will find this more difficult than others, for sure – there is no doubt about it.kickingcaffeine-b

Almost like coming off cigarettes a habit is something that tricks the mind, and there will be certain points of the day when you most feel the pressure of ignoring your old routine. You will most likely experience some form of withdrawal, but when consuming male enhancement pills, this sensation will be healthier than without.
Opting for male enhancement supplements which are made of non-harmful natural ingredients instead of coffee in the morning is life changing. Say hello to sleep and alertness without dodgy side effects!

Cravings can be a royal pain; without positive thinking and will power it can become impossible to kick any habit. The key is to focus, try and relax and understand that the feeling does not last a long time. Each urge lasts around ten minutes, and you may feel like tearing your hair out in the beginning, but the sensations do pass and with time get shorter and easier.

Have a healthy swap

If you have to hand nutritious snacks for when you feel the urges to grab a coffee and use these as the alternative. Things like nuts, yoghurt, and fruit are all great foods that can take your mind off the desire to indulge in ‘just one more coffee.’

Stay busy

Because you have more energy than usual due to taking natural supplement pills, you will find that you are occupied, and this is the key. Entertaining yourself with light exercise or an enjoyable hobby takes the mind off wanting caffeine (notice ‘want’ as opposed to ‘need’.)

Like any other addiction, most of the effects are psychological, and a lot is all in the mind; once you can control your thoughts and change your perspective the rest is easy.

Notice the difference when using supplements

When opting to use enhancement pills made of natural herbs instead of pumping yourself full of caffeine to get through the day, significant changes and benefits will become noticeable almost instantly!

For more information including product reviews click here to find a list of available male enhancement options.

Benefits of using natural enhancement pills

There are all kinds of beneficiaries when it comes to taking supplements. Trusted companies dedicate time to applying the correct amount of combined organic extracts of which are proven to boost energy levels, testosterone and the libido.

Due to the careful design of these pills and natural ingredients you are to feel these general improvements without experiencing side effects like you would if you were taking prescribed medications made of manmade chemicals.

Although coffee comes from a plant, the commercial use of coffee drastically affects the climate and environment. Likewise, there are several downsides of drinking caffeine meaning overall male enhancement pills are better all round.

Side effects of excess caffeine intake

Coffee has an extremely high content of caffeine which has been directly linked to causing a number of health issues, some more serious than others. If you are to continue to consume regularly a high level of caffeine you are putting yourself at risk for symptoms such as depression, reduced cerebral blood flow, headaches as physical withdrawals.

It is better to feel wide awake without having the feeling or repercussions of being wired on coffee, avoid insomnia and increased heart rates to ensure to get proper sleep by choosing to reduce or eliminate drinking coffee or caffeine products and instead opt for natural supplements.

Depending on any drug or over eating any specific food or ingredient is never good for your health. If fear you might have an addiction that needs to be conquered, it is important to talk someone you trust, whether a doctor, friend or family member. The more support you have, the better!

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