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Keep it Casual: How to Make Her Understand it’s All for Fun

There’s this stereotype that women only want a long-term relationship and men are just a bunch of players. There is…

There’s this stereotype that women only want a long-term relationship and men are just a bunch of players. There is some truth to this, but it mostly has to do with what phase someone is in at that particular time in their life. Women go in and out of phases just like men and sometimes all we’re looking for is something casual, and if you fit the bill, it could be with you. How do you tell her though, and how do you know she’s in that phase. Here’s some tips to make that happen.

    1. Set your intentions from the get go

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You don’t want to tell her you just want to be casual when she’s already naked in your bed. She will feel like you tricked her and there’s nothing worst than a dishonest man. Say it right after you get her number or even text her later that day. Women appreciate honesty more than anything else. It won’t drive her away, it will make her more attracted to you because you are being real with her.

    1. Find out her history

If we know anything about history, it’s that it tends to repeat itself. Ask her questions like “who was the last person you were in love with?“ Find out how long ago her last serious relationship ended. You could also just straight up ask her what she’s looking for. If she’s looking for a serious relationship, walk away as fast as you can. Even if she agrees to be casual, there will be a point when that sneaking desire for a serious boyfriend will come in.

    1. Don’t be too lovey dovey

If you tell her that it’s just casual, you need to act like it. Keep your distance emotionally, otherwise you will just confuse her and she will start to feel like you are playing games. Some guys are naturally more affectionate, even with their male friends. Dial this way back. Don’t give in to those lovey emotions and she’ll get the message loud and clear.

    1. Ask her how she’s feeling


Keep your eye on her throughout your time together. Ask her a couple weeks in how she feels about the relationship so far. Tell her you want her to be real with you. By providing an opportunity for her to express how she’s really feeling, she will know that you really care about her and are not just using her for sex.

    1. Don’t be too available

If you say you want to keep it casual but end up spending most of your time together, that is really giving her mixed signals. She will become frustrated that she is investing all this time into a relationship that is not going anywhere. If your excuse was that you don’t have time for a girlfriend then you better really stick to this rule. Get together maybe twice a week to keep some time for yourself.

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