Kava Kava the Root Powder with Penis Power

Many men experience the devastating effects of lowered testosterone that come naturally with age. Even young men struggle with different…

Many men experience the devastating effects of lowered testosterone that come naturally with age. Even young men struggle with different forms of erectile dysfunction or sexual health issues. Almost every man would enjoy a nice boost to his main member in the bedroom. It is common knowledge that after men hit age 30 they steadily lower in their ability to produce testosterone each year. Some symptoms that can accompany low testosterone in men are:

  • low sex drive
  • erectile dysfunction
  • lethargy
  • depression and anxiety
  • irritability and mood swings
  • muscle depletion
  • increased body fat
  • hot flashes

30% of men will experience andropause or “male menopause” in their 50s. There are a lot of different treatment options to help ease the middle-aged sex slump or youthful jitters and nerves.

Hormone replacement therapy is expensive and relying on substances like marijuana or alcohol to relax in the bedroom is risky for a lot of reasons, both cost time and money with minimal guarantee in their effectiveness. It is a good idea to first try earth-derived herbs and all natural blends on the market with clinically tested ingredients that work. They are the cheapest and safest way to alleviate sexual dysfunction that is common to aging men or men with erectile dysfunction.

Enter Kava Kava…


Kava Kava is a traditional herb native to the Pacific Islands that has been used for over 3000 years. This ancient herb was actually used in a rather gruesome ritual long before its true medicinal benefits were realized. During a traditional human sacrifice ritual Kava Kava was used to symbolically turn the drinker into the ritual sacrifice. The plant was alleged to grow out of the grave of the sacrifice after they were buried. It is continually seen as a ceremonial beverage used by Polynesian islanders who would drink themselves into a stupor, intoxicated from all the Kava they consumed. They would sit in “Kava Rooms” sipping on the beverage communally.


So how is it used today?

You may not want to hold any ritual sacrifices in your backyard this upcoming year, but you might want to loosen up and relax, and Kava Kava is the perfect drink for the occasion. A lot of guys try to knock back a few drinks to relax before having a sexual encounter, Kava Kava has the same calming effect without all the sloppiness and slurring. It also won’t make you sleepy or impair your decision-making abilities. Say goodbye to whiskey dick forever and trade it in for an erect penis and clear, relaxed mind. The drink also puts consumers in a state of mild euphoria that you’ll never develop a tolerance to. Orgasm anxiety no more with proper Kava Kava usage.

The science behind Kava…

Piper Methysticum or Kava is a small shrub whose roots and stems can be made into a psychoactive beverage used in the South Pacific. The plant can be chewed, ground, or pulverized to make beverages and teas. The active chemical ingredient is called Kavalactone. This is the component that induces a psychoactive reaction that offers consumers clarity, relief from stress, and restful sleep.

Once Kava goes down the hatch the kavalactones get down to business. Kavain is a kavalactone that induces the feelings of relaxation, but unlike a sedative it does not impair the brains cognitive functions, it acts as a muscle relaxant, physically relieving stress from the body. Meanwhile, desmethyoxyygangonin gives the brain a dopamine boost to create a euphoric feeling. Kava uses the same neural pathways as THC found in marijuana and the mechanisms for its process are similar. The proof is in the pudding, kava relaxes the body, the mind follows, and with that extra dopamine boost you’ll reach cloud nine in no time.

Kava is used to help with a myriad of different health issues from erectile dysfunction and beyond.

Kava for Anxiety


Used starting the early 90’s to treat insomnia, since then its usage has expanded to treat stress and anxiety as well. Kava gives users a natural and non-narcotic intervention to prevent anxiety attacks. Patients with anxiety disorders often are put on hard psychotropic medication and sedatives to take during episodes, Kava uses non-opiate pathways to give a similar effect without the addictive qualities of hard pharmaceuticals like benzodiazepine.

Kava and Erectile Dysfunction

Clinical research at accredited university medical center has proven through double blind trials that kava reduces anxiety both in and outside the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction is largely psychological and Kava can offer the relaxation men seek from alcohol and marijuana to diminish performance anxiety. In this relaxed state without mental sedation men are better able to navigate socially stressful situations after dark.

Extra addiction support

Kava can offer users extra support when facing cravings for different addictions. It can reduce stress triggers that lead to relapsing by binding to brain locations associated with addiction and cravings. It relaxes the mind, preventing stress induced using while scientifically reducing drug cravings with kavapyrone compounds.

Kava Safety 101

  1. Don’t mix with other prescription drugs

Like with most herbal therapies and medicines, your body’s chemistry is a sensitive thing. Everything you put in will interact with the other substances and foods, as you metabolize them simultaneously the wrong combinations can prove to have negative effects. Always make sure to consult a doctor before taking Kava Kava on a regular basis.

  1. Beware of scaly skin

With heavy long-term and consistent use of Kava users develop dermopathy. This scaly skin is indicative of an interference with cholesterol metabolism in the body. Heavy Kava use puts users at risk for a niacin deficiency, which can cause the skin to dry out. While this really is only a side effect for very heavy usage it is still important to keep in mind.

  1. Don’t Kava and drive

Kava is a mild sedative and you should neither drive nor romp around on your tractor, ATV, or luxury speedboat after drinking Kava. This one is pretty straight forward.

  1. Watch out for concentrated extracts

Kava preparation involves extracting the plant’s active compounds using water. Herbal production companies take acetone to create incredible harsh solvents to extract the components. These solvents react with kava and create reactive metabolites. This process removes the kavalactones, which are the entire primary compound that makes kava so efficient. Research before purchasing and using Kava and find a reliable distributor.

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