How to Make HER Chase YOU in 5 Easy Steps

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t sounds nearly impossible doesn’t it? Man chases woman, woman leads him on for a while, man gets frustrated with…

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t sounds nearly impossible doesn’t it? Man chases woman, woman leads him on for a while, man gets frustrated with the mixed messages and almost loses his mind and then woman eventually gives in and meets him or never ends up meeting him at all and totally ghosts away. Sound familiar? It’s true that men “enjoy” chasing and women “enjoy” being chased. It’s kind of in our biological makeup. So that’s all well and good, but wouldn’t life be easier if women chased you? How messed up does that sound? Well I’m telling you right now…it happens all the damn time and it can happen to you too if you follow these 5 steps.

1. Approach a girl you like

Long night. Couple joyfully interacting by the bar counter in nightclub or restaurant
Long night. Couple joyfully interacting by the bar counter in nightclub or restaurant

Ok, you can’t just stand in the middle of the village square with your arms out and your eyes closed and just wait for women to start chasing you. I wish it worked that way, but unfortunately you aren’t Jesus…or Criss Angel for that matter. You need to make the first move and approach her, but not in a friendly way. Start talking to her as if you already know her and as if she should already know you. When you do this, you are in a way “assuming” you are both familiar with each other and are already friends. Make a statement or observation about your surroundings or about her. Literally anything but “Hey!”, “Hi!”, “Hello…?”. It could be something totally dumb like “look, the sky is blue today” or a compliment like “You look like x celebrity“, or ask her if she can recommend a good coffee shop in the area. Something that is kind of unique but doesn’t necessarily make it obvious you like her. She KNOWS you are hitting on her the second you walk over. The difference in how she reacts to it is if you seem apologetic or not. This will literally decide whether she rolls her eyes and does a breathy “ugh” or cowers slightly and scrambles for an answer. Your goal here is to be unapologetic and behave like you are worthy of her time. If she notices even a twinkle in your eye of any apologies, she will dub you a scrub and walk away instantly and it’s all over.

2. Plant yourself

You can’t just say it in passing or whisper it in hopes she will hear. You gotta get right in front of her. Imagine that!? This is probably the hardest part because what you are doing here is waiting for her to respond, but remember, you need to be majorly calm about this. She knows exactly what’s going on. You need to treat the interaction like you are talking to a friend. If you run into a friend on the street, you aren’t worried they’re not gonna respond to you. You say “hey” and expect the same back. No hesitation, no stress. Yes, it will be an awkward moment for a couple seconds, but let HER fill it. In silence, is great power. If she seems incredibly shy, and legitimately scared then leave her alone, she’s not in the mood or may have social anxiety. Remember, if she senses you are scared, she’ll be scared. If you are chill, she’ll be chill. We all intuit these feelings from each other on a constant basis. You don’t notice you do it, but you are being effected by other people’s moods and feelings all day.

3. Put the ball in her court

Now is when the chasing begins…if she responds then she’s officially interested, however she will be testing you to see if you really are as cool as you seem. She’ll maybe seem aloof. She’ll be looking around. She’ll seem uninterested, but this is her way of testing your limits. This is actually a very good sign. It’s better to have a girl respond in this way versus “acting” friendly and patting you on the head before sending you away. She feels slightly intimidated which gives you all the power. You need to keep calm this whole time and see what she’s doing as a test and nothing more. You are putting the whole conversation in her hands. It’s not going to be you asking question after question while she gives one word answers and looks at her Instagram. The goal here is to get her asking you questions. You are literally building attraction as you (don’t) speak.

4. Give her your number

How do you get her number without breaking your cool guy attitude? By this point she is interested in you, or at least you have tricked her into thinking you are interesting…The best way to close off is to suggest you both “exchange info”. She will be less likely to shoot you down if you phrase it that way. Also, since you are giving up YOUR info, she will feel like it’s only polite to give you her’s. At this point she will be hoping you ask for her number. Alternatively, you could give her your number and tell her to “text me later”, or by some magical twist of luck, she may even ask YOU for your number. If she does, don’t give it right away. Be a little “unsure” to keep her on the edge of her seat. If she asks you for your number, don’t break your cool. Stay strong and centered. This is your movie and she’s the secondary character.

5. Stay mysterious

makeherchaseyou-staymysteriousDo not text back and forth like two little school girls. You don’t want to be asking her “how’s your day?” or the dreaded “sup?”. Keep your texting conversation short and sweet. Ideally she will send the first text because you told her to. Keep your answers brief and one-worded. Yes it will secretly annoy her, but you want to stay mysterious. If you give too much away she might gather enough information to talk herself out of meeting up with you. It happens all the time. Keep it straight forward and dry.

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