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How does stress affect your libido?

Stress and desire are two aspects of human life that are so entangled that striking a perfect balance between them…

Stress and desire are two aspects of human life that are so entangled that striking a perfect balance between them is nearly impossible. Desire has many forms but one of its most delicate forms is the desire of intimacy. The human mind, in daily life circumstances, has to face obstacles and boundaries which tend to push it to the limits. This is when we find that the stress that we are under takes a toll on our desires.

Psychological symptoms, relationship quality, internal and external stress are among the various factors that can affect the sex drive of a person. Stress is and always will be a part of life. Stress from competition among colleagues, work conditions, family circumstances, social conditions, life achievements are some among various sources that can put extreme mental and physical stress on a person. In between his or her hectic schedules, a person often faces a drop in his desire to be intimate. Not only is it only the “less time, more work” factor, but also the quality of work done plays a huge role. The mile-long “to-do list” requires the full attention of the person so he or she doesn’t actually have time to feel relaxed or “get in the mood”. One of the numerous other reasons behind the loss of sex drive are relationship conflicts that individuals have to go through. Both, a person who is extremely concerned with satisfying their partner, and a person who is least interested in being intimate with their partner, equally contribute to the loss of libido. Physical inabilities like erectile dysfunction can also lead to sexual dysfunction in men. On the other hand, it is women who tend to suffer more from relationship issues. Their demand of the emotional limelight, poor communications with their partners along with several other reasons may lead to low sex-drive.

Though no definite cure may be available, prevention is our closest alternative. One of the many ways one can limit their loss of sexual desires due to stress is one of the first things that come to mind i.e. stress management. Meditation and some slight alterations in our daily schedule may often work wonders to relieve stress and increase one’s desire of sexual intimacy. Being busy is another reason that denies us the chance to get in the mood, so one can only try to be as less busy as possible by sorting their work schedule according to their importance. You may say that these things are easier said than done but the sole need of an individual to better one’s life should drive them towards achieving this goal. Relationship issues are one of the biggest factors of falling sex drive. Hence, couple should make an effort towards working on issues together and thinking of the issue to be the enemy rather than challenging each other. A couple must be fair and supportive towards each other and this single point can be a huge step towards prevention of negative issues from cropping up between them which would thus keep low libido at bay.

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  • Stress is really a big no, no for us. It doesn’t only affect your overall health, but our sexual health as well. On the other side, sex can also reduce stress.

  • Stress is a huge factor that doesn’t only affect your sexual health, but your overall health as well. I usually feel sick when I’m stressed.

    • Me too. I have a heart issue and it was actually caused by stress, so as much as possible, I don’t want to be stressed.

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