How does low testosterone cause you to lose your libido?

Though testosterone is not the only hormone required for a healthy sexual experience, a lack of it can badly affect…

Though testosterone is not the only hormone required for a healthy sexual experience, a lack of it can badly affect the ability of a man to have good sex. The results of low testosterone are normally a lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction. However, treatments suggested by scientists and doctors can help solve this problem.

How testosterone affects the libido

Studies have revealed how high testosterone levels increase libido. Normally, the sex drive a.k.a libido, of a man starts falling from its peak in the 20s, but the it also varies from person to person. What might be low sex drive for one person can be satisfying for another man. However, sex drive changes over time for every individual as it is affected by the amount of stress he is exposed to. That is why, it is widely accepted that “normal” sex drive is impossible to define. A man can figure out if his sex drive is low, but in case he fails to identify it, his partner will surely be able to figure out the issue. Low testosterone may be the biggest reason for low sex drive but there are cases where men with low testosterone levels have tremendous sexual desire. But then again, there are men with high testosterone levels who do not have high sexual desire. One of the possible causes of low libido is low testosterone. Low sex drive is also caused by stress, depression, mental illness and deprivation. At the age of 30, the decrease of testosterone becomes pretty gradual and due to this, the man might mistakenly think that his loss of libido is due to the fact that he is getting older.

Erectile Dysfunction

There are studies that are carried out, which state that low testosterone rarely causes erectile dysfunction. Only a minority of men with low testosterone alone and no other health problems suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is also stated that erectile dysfunction is usually caused by Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The tiny blood vessels if damaged can no longer dilate to allow the strong flow of blood required for a firm erection. Atherosclerosis and erectile dysfunction are mainly caused by diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Talking it through

For many men, it is embarrassing to talk about sex with their partner. It hurts their pride or manliness when they undergo a problem like erectile dysfunction or low sex drive. Doctors suggest that men should be encouraged to discuss these issues with their partners and if diagnosed with low testosterone, they must discuss potential treatment options. The man must understand that solving the problem would be easier if he and his partner work together. That way, the relationship between the partners would also become healthier despite the obstacles.

Fighting low testosterone

If a man suspects that he is having low testosterone he must immediately consult a physician. Patients can be treated with testosterone supplementation using gels, patches or testosterone doses in injectable forms. Combining medications and testosterone supplementation for treating low testosterone levels or erectile dysfunction often causes great improvement in male sexual health. So, if a man is having a problem with his libido or lack of it, he must not ignore it and consult a physician in order to lead a healthy life.

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