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How Does Almased Weight Loss Shake Work?

  Reduce weight, inches & fat.* Revitalize energy.*  Restore wellness – With Almased®* That is Almased’s motto… Almased is a…


Reduce weight, inches & fat.* Revitalize energy.*  Restore wellness – With Almased®*

That is Almased’s motto…

Almased is a health care company that originated in Germany 25 years ago. Now they are an international weight loss empire. Their products are backed with 20 years of research and experience. Can their classic weight loss shake help you to lose that winter chub or fit back into those old jeans?

The shake is designed to replace meals during the day to create a calorie deficit. It is also highly recommended that users follow the suggested diet program and eat clean throughout their attempts to lose weight and maybe even exercise for best results. The shake is only 180 calories with only 1 gram of fat and 12 sugars, by replacing meals with this shake users can save countless calories per week and watch the pounds melts of. The product works through simple guaranteed scientific math.

Ingredients of Almased Weight Loss ShakeWhat are the Key Ingredients in Almased?

The key ingredient’s in Almased weight loss shake are vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium, soy protein isolate, honey, and yogurt. It is made without any genetically modified foods. There is only one gram of fat per serving and it is a low glycemic beverage. The shake is fortified to meet all your nutritional needs and protein to help you build lean muscle. There are 180 calories per serving size.

Real User Feedback

Out of 64 reviews of the product has received 4.5 stars

“Started using one week before Christmas. Didn’t feel hungry—could go up to 5 hours! Didn’t weigh myself. Only weighed in April at a friend’s house and had lost 30 pounds.”

“I am an actual user of have to try it to believe it..I have to say, it will help you lose fat, inches and your weight. I love it the way it is without adding anything, if you want to lose it please do 3 phases, follow the struction and only mix it water…until you have reached your weight..then you can add soy milk, any calories free flavor. To me, it tastes like tofu drink!”

“So far, so good. I started the diet 5 days ago and have lost 6 lbs to date”

“I started Almased 40 days ago. From day 1 I always ate a small breakfast.. I made a shake, with unsweetened Almond milk, ice, 1 tbs of peanut butter, 1 oz of grain w/flaxseed, a 1/4 of banana, 3 strawberries and 5 blueberries, and drank this around 11am. For dinner I would eat salad or extremely healthy, or do another shake. I am down 30 lbs and and a size smaller.”

How to Use Almased….

To supplement your diet, mix 8 tablespoons (48 g) of the powder with 10-12 oz of cold liquid, such as bottled water, low-fat or skim milk of unsweetened juice. Customize your Almased drink by blending 8 tablespoons (48 g) with your favorite ingredients, such as fruits and cinnamon for a great tasting smoothie. Also great in cottage cheese or yogurt. Almased should be made fresh and consumed immediately after mixing.

Is this product really effective?Weight loss shake

The proof is in the pudding with Almased, great customer reviews, trusted company, and the hard truth. Less calories = less excess weight. It is best though to establish real healthy eating habits while using Almased for best results and to sustain the weight loss and not yo-yo and gain it all back after you stop using the shake program. This really is only a way to kick start the first few months of dieting, not a long-term solution to eat whatever you want and still lose weight because you are depriving yourself of calories.

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