How can you naturally cure Erectile Dysfunction?

The first step to cure Erectile Dysfunction is to know what it actually is. Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where…

The first step to cure Erectile Dysfunction is to know what it actually is. Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where a human penis fails to have or maintain a proper erection during sexual performance. Reduced sexual desire or low libido can also show up as symptoms. According to the National Institutes of Health, almost 50% of men who have crossed 75 suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Men can often be harsh while judging themselves, as a problem like this can make them feel like it’s a loss of their dignity and masculinity, so they not only suffer physically but also mentally in a situation like this.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction can happen to any man at any time. Most often, the causes include fatigue, stress, relationship problems, injury, performance anxiety, alcohol consumption and sometimes excessive smoking. A person is likely to be diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction if the condition lasts for a long time. While in many cases, treatments include implants, vacuum pumps and surgeries, many people like to deal with it naturally. There are plenty of successful cases as well. Yes, Viagra, Cialis or Levitra surely increases blood flow to the penis, but also holds the chances of side effects like nasal congestion, stomach problems, headache, dizziness and facial flushing from kicking in. In this way, while you are trying to cure a disorder you have high chances of getting several other ones. That is why it is safer to deal with ED in a natural way.

How to cure Erectile Dysfunction naturally

Walk it Away

While you walk around your neighbourhood and even beyond, chances are less that you knew that walking itself is one of the ways to have a good sex life in a natural way. So, all you have to do to get your performance between the sheets back on the right track is walk. Remember, walk, and not run. According to a study carried out in 2005, walking, with other healthy habits can help obese men decrease the risks of having Erectile Dysfunction, or even reverse their current condition of impotence. This helps men maintain a trim waistline which is a good defense to keep Erectile Dysfunction at bay. Studies and surveys have also revealed that men with a 42 inch waistline are 50% more likely to have the disorder than those with an 32 inch waistline. So, achieving a healthy weight and maintaining it is a good way of treating and preventing Erectile Dysfunction.

Herbal Viagra

“Red Ginseng” which is known as “Herbal Viagra” helps men get back their performance in bed. After the plant has grown for five years, the root is taken and is steamed and dried. In 2008, it was studied that red ginseng dosages ranging from 600 to 1000 milligrams three times a day was found to be the best treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.

Watermelon Juice

Also termed as “nature’s Viagra” by Italian scientists, watermelon can help men fight mild to moderate Erectile Dysfunction. With 92% of it water and being a great source of Vitamin C, watermelon juice has helped those who want to treat their Erectile Dysfunction.


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