Game Night for Lovers 

Male enhancement does not always have to involve libido boosting pills (1a). Sometimes a bit of excitement and variety can…

Male enhancement does not always have to involve libido boosting pills (1a). Sometimes a bit of excitement and variety can be just what the doctor ordered. The old saying about variety being the spice of life holds true. Of course there are a number of effective male enhancement supplements (2a) for those who need a little boost as well. On the other hand, you and your significant other could create a fun night as a weekly tradition.

Imagination Creation

The only thing required for fun night is your imagination. One popular idea is to design a game night for your lover. There are all sorts of sex games (1) available on the market. You could also turn a game you already have into something naughty. Pretty much everyone has heard of strip poker which is just sex play on an old card game. Below you will find a few notions that you can either use verbatim or expand on with your own creativity.

Tactile Touch


You will need to gather a few items ahead of time for this game. Look for some things that have different textures. Choose several objects and place them in a basket. Think of items which will cause your partner to break out in goose flesh. You will also need a blind fold and, if you are adventurous, some rope or a silk tie to bind him/her.

When you are set blind fold and bind your lover then gently touch, rub, or massage him/her with one of the items from your prop basket. You must be very quiet and allow the person to guess what the object is.

Ideas for Prop 

  • Cotton Balls
  • Feathers
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Ice
  • Furry Item

Role Play

Role has been a favored game of lovers for a very long time. This can really spice up your sex life. One or both of you can dress up as something the other finds interesting. For example, one could be a naughty nurse, outfit and all, while the other could be the patient. Of course, the wicked nurse will need to give the patient a sponge bath. Another idea is sexy cheerleader and frisky linebacker.

There is no limit, but your nerve and imagination. Role play is a game that can take place in the complete privacy of your home or can begin outside and end up in the bedroom or whichever room that you prefer. You could ‘accidently’ meet somewhere such as a bar and go home together to discuss the finer points of life.

Food Fun


Food Fun requires a number of items which should be gathered beforehand. You will need things like ice cream and an icy pop as well as warm honey and chocolate syrup. Be sure that the warm foods chosen are only warm and not too hot. You will also need a blind fold and a silky tie or something to bind your partner. Place each food item, one at a time, on a sensitive spot on his/her body.

Your lover must guess which food it is. Take your time and do not speak. If your partner has not guessed correctly after a few minutes, lick the food form his/her skin. Kiss your him/her passionately so that he/she will be able to taste which treat it is.

New Take on Old Themes

You can use games that you may have in the back of your closet. Just pull them out and get kinky. The sky is the limit so have fun and enjoy your partner.

Naughty Chutes and Ladders

You can purchase the game, if you do not already own it or you can create your own together. You will need to design a deck of cards with some sort of sexual act on each one. These should range from teasing belly button kisses to adventurous acts down under.

Once you deck of exotic cards is complete place all of the cards in a hat or large bowl. Make sure to mix them up very well and absolutely no peeking ahead. Each person should take turns drawing one card from the lot. The drawer gets to decide whether the action will be performed on the partner or him/herself.

Sexy Twister

Sex Twister only requires socks and a Twister game. You probably played Twister when you were a kid. Since this is a game for partners each time one of you spin, you will need to place the spinner within reach for his/her partner. Take off all of your clothes except for your socks before you begin. The one who cannot move to the spun spot is the loser; however, you will both be winners in this twisted game.

Take your Shot

This last game can be created by you and your lover, but you will need to purchase a toy gun with suction bullets. There also several companies who sell a version of this game online and in stores. You must design or buy a board with different sexual positions on it. Try going for some of those from the Kama Sutra or adding positions you may have always wanted to try. The two of you will take turns aiming and shooting the one of your choice. Whichever your bullet lands on is the one that you must use.

Parting Wisdom

Whatever you choose for Lover’s Game Night make sure it is fun. The most important aspects of this adventure are kinky excitement and spending some quality time together. Professional psychologists say that a healthy sex life can be extremely beneficial to both partners’ overall health.  You may not need a libido booster (3a) for a long time with a naughty game night. If you plan to make an entire night of it, do not forget to bring refreshments to the room before you start. Both of you will need to keep your strength up.

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