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Erectile dysfunction and pornography 

Gone are the days when one had to keep their erotic magazines and porn video cassettes hidden in the secret…

Gone are the days when one had to keep their erotic magazines and porn video cassettes hidden in the secret box and only take out when everyone was away. With the advent of internet, came the tsunami of porn. It became easily available, accessible and in some cases, it can also be viewed free. So, now wherever there is internet there is the way to watch porn and fortunately for the porn lovers, internet is available in almost all the gadgets and devices we use every day. However, with this easy access more and more people are getting addicted to porn which is making a negative impact on their sex life.

Erectile dysfunction

It has been found that the number of people diagnosed with erectile dysfunction has increased considerably in the last few years. Although aging, unhealthy food habits, less exercise, drug abuse and smoking are often considered as some of the causes behind this dysfunction but, the role of porn can be called prominent in causing to increase the number of ED victims. It can be hard to believe, but it has been established that porn plays a significant role in causing ED among men. Therefore, as more and more men are getting addicted to porn because of their easy availability in the internet so it is not surprising that more and more men have also been reporting to suffer from ED.

Effects of porn 

Pornography stimulates you sexually by using only visual graphics. When you are sexually stimulated, your brain produces a hormone called dopamine and with continuous secretion of this hormone by using only visual images your brain begin to get in the habit of producing dopamine only with visual images and no physical intimacy. So, when you get intimate with someone physically, your brain fails to produce this hormone because it cannot find the visual images. As a result, you are unable to get an erection with your partner.

How to cure it 

If you want to cure your porn induced erectile dysfunction, then the first thing you need to do is get rid of your porn addiction. Do not watch porn at all if you ever want to have real sex. Make a habit of indulging in physical activities like working out, playing, running or walking so that you can direct your sexual energy to productive activities. Continuing this habit will help you get rid of porn addiction and will gradually enable you to get an erection during physical intimacy.

Male enhancement pills 

Male enhancement pills can also help you get an erection if you want some fast solution but, do not go for drugs like Viagra or Cialis. These are dangerous and can cause you more harm than benefit. However, there are many other male sexual enhancer that are safe and are made from completely natural ingredients.  Choose the drugs which are clinically tested and proven to be safe. Also, make sure they are free of harmful side effects and will not cause you to develop any medical complications. Thus, with gradual use of male enhancement pills and avoiding porn, you can finally get back the ability to enjoy real sexual intimacy.

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