Does Size Actually Matter?

So the saying goes ‘the bigger, the better’, right? But is that even really the case? Let’s face it; we…

So the saying goes ‘the bigger, the better’, right? But is that even really the case?

Let’s face it; we do not all pack a long schlong with amazing girth and some of us are ok with that while the majority of us spend our lives worrying. Is this what women absolutely want? Does the size of our penis make a significant difference?

What women want

Sex is not just for men. Women have desires and need to be satisfied, too (of course.) Is it really down to having a big penis that they rate a man? And then we are not just talking about the size of our penis – what about the rest of our bodies too?

We are not all mind readers and sometimes it is nice to know what our women want, but before we pluck up the courage to ask them there are things that we can try. Looking after our health is a good start and using natural herbs can help the libido and power of erection. However, there is more to sex than penetration . . .

So many questions . . .

Chill out!

Before we go into self-loathing, it’s nice to know that not every woman is into a guy with a gigantic penis and physique.

Mostly what they are looking for is someone with a little strength and pride. Women do like to be taken care of by their men, whether they admit it or not, and in more ways than one, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they want to wind up with Arnold Schwarzenegger (and who is to say he has the penis to match, anyway?)

Sexual satisfaction does count

It is important despite how big or small you are that you are making your other half happy. The sexual side of the relationship is what keeps you together in the way that makes your companionship differ from that of anyone else.

Does the size of the penis impact the orgasm of a woman?

Let us look at the facts:

A woman (theoretically) has a G-spot on the inside of the vaginal wall, around 7cm inward. If a man doesn’t reach this length in erection size, then it does not necessarily mean he cannot get there. Because the vagina is like elastic and can, therefore, spread wide, if the position allows then a man can potentially fit inside pretty deep.

Other options in sexually satisfying a woman

For those who still find reaching the specific point challenging, you must understand that penetration is not the only method of making a woman cum. She can also endure pleasure from the outside of the vagina and around the clitoral area. You also have the alternative of penetrating the anus, but this is not for everyone.

It can be pretty intimidating to realise that you do not fully satisfy your partner due to the lack of size in your penis. But there are other ways to reach the lady’s G-spot without relying on penetration or you can make your woman cum via the clitoris or her anus. However, if you wish to increase the size of your manhood, there are tricks and techniques that can assist this potential crisis, including the use of male enhancement supplements.

Some women say it is not about length; it is more about girth. If a man can manage to create a sort of suction sensation on his way in and out, this can stimulate pleasure even more so than deep penetration.

Being realistic

Women seem to do just fine on their own or as lesbian couples, too. So if we truly think about it long enough there is nothing really to worry about – as long as we communicate our preferences with our partners openly about overcoming any obstacles we can deliver perfectly for each other.

The art of sexually satisfying a woman

Talking about sex is definitely the way forward when it comes to improvements; however, this is easier said than done. Some things that you can try before you gain the courage to open up on this subject are worth experimenting because you never know, discussing the matter may just may not be necessary after all.

Can you get by just through busting moves?

Surely if you give it everything you have and more this should suffice? The truth is that some of us genuinely have an issue with being too small; perhaps our fit does not quite cut it.

Although our manhood is initially hurt by this concept, it is just best to quickly address the situation and frankly, ‘man up’ about it to improve and keep our women.

Firstly, toys can seriously assist and save a relationship if this is the case – discovering other means to be able to fully pleasure your partner is essential.

“But I still want a bigger penis!”

Don’t all of us? Yes, to have an extra inch or two would be satisfying for any man (possibly in some cases, more so than for a woman!) There are ways to push out the extra length, girth and power to your penis. Listen carefully . . .

Gain inches using natural herbs

Male enhancement pills have been known to increase the length and width of many a man’s penes. There are accounts of people growing inches! It is advised that smaller men can try using natural herbs to see if they work for you – there is no harm in trying.

By clicking here, you can view a list of recommended products and see their reviews.

Workout and eat well

Be aware that you must ensure your nutrition is up to scratch and that you maintain regular exercise as part of the process, supplements are not magical pills that work by themselves. It is important to keep a steady active lifestyle to ensure that the tablets can take full effect.

Penis exercises

There are also light workouts that you can perform daily to ensure greater penis strength. From stretches to extenders or weights, no doubt there is a variety to try out.


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