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Do you have a healthy sex life? You might be doing a full workout every day. Our experts at Healthy…

Do you have a healthy sex life? You might be doing a full workout every day. Our experts at Healthy American Male weigh in on the topic.

9a[dropcap]A[/dropcap] healthy sex life is an indicator of many things. For men, it suggests that you have a healthy endocrine system, as your hormones and other glands do not warrant any special care at the moment. It also indicates a person in prime mental health, as sex is known to activate several neurotransmitters in your brain that make you feel satisfied and happy. Since sex is more of a physical activity than a mental exercise, it could produce significant changes in your body as well.


Sex is a healthy mental and physical exercise, and here are some of the ways sex can help you get the body that you want:

  1. Sex increases your heart rate and respiration

While having sex could not possibly go head to head with the calories that you burn when you go running for an hour, it does help you get your cardio going by increasing your heart rate and respiration even before you start exerting energy into it. By the moment you start the actual deed and concluding it – you would have burned the equivalent of running 30 minutes without even noticing it.

  1. Sex helps mute the pain9b

Being sexually aroused greatly increases your pain threshold, so you don’t feel the fatigue in your muscles as much as you would if you are not aroused. This means that you can endure a more physical workout – such as sex, while you are aroused.

  1. Sex improves your testosterone levels

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for a man’s deeper voice, the broad shoulders, facial hair, the size of their penis – and of course, the way a man builds muscle. During sex, the testosterone levels go down, and frequent sex influences your body to create testosterone faster, making you reap the benefits in terms of muscle growth.

  1. It makes you want to go for it

How many exercises do you do that you would really want to do without forcing yourself into it? You won’t have that problem with sex. You may not be looking at sex as an actual exercise, but frequent sex definitely burns a lot of calories. Unlike running, weightlifting, biking, and other exercises, sex would not bore you with its repetitiveness.

  1. It uses all the muscle groups of your body

If you’re typically the giving kind, having sex is really an exercise that uses up all of the muscle groups in your body, enabling you to do a quick workout on each during sex. As a result, you build muscle, and depending on how much you have sex, doing the deed actually helps you build muscle, which in turn helps you improve your metabolism – and keeps your weight in check.

Sex may help you have the body that you want, but don’t forget to work out and build muscle. If anything, take male enhancement pills to improve your bedroom game, and the rest will follow. Taking male enhancement supplements such as Biomanix would help you improve your testosterone levels to a point that it improves your performance in the bedroom, as well as the rate at which you build muscle. Check it out.

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