Does Formula41 Extreme Work?

One of the most lucrative and productive industries in today’s world is male enhancement supplements. It is estimated that 150…

One of the most lucrative and productive industries in today’s world is male enhancement supplements. It is estimated that 150 million adult men cross the globe experience reoccurring bouts of erectile dysfunction. Over the counter male enhancement supplementsmale enhancement supplements are literally a multi-million dollar industry. This is because men are desperate to find an effective solution to sexual dysfunction issues and older men are no longer the only victims. The age range of men suffering from ED becomes wider each year as the men reporting these symptoms are younger and younger.

The Scams and Confusion Market

There are viable, real life solutions for erectile dysfunction; however, they are few and far between. There are also scams and gimmicks created solely to generate profit. Most are simply just a very bad joke. The ingredients on a large portion of male enhancement supplements looks good in print. The herbs and plants, vitamins and minerals themselves are legit and can solve many erectile dysfunction issues. In most cases, it is either the quality or concentration that presents the problem. These companies do not investigate who supplies the ingredients, how they are grown, or where they come from.

Herbs must be pulverized in order to fill the capsules found in bottles of supplements. Whole herbs can remain potent up to several years; however, once they have been pulverized they immediately began to lose that potency. The bottles are filled and shipped by the case load to remain in warehouse for years and years. By the time that they reach the retail shelves they have little to none of the important properties they once contained. It would be just about as effective, if you went out and ate dirt.

This is one of the key elements that makes Formula 41 Extreme different and stand above its peers. The manufacturers of this supplement go far beyond the call of duty to ensure the ingredients are sourced from only superior suppliers. They also pay close attention to how and where these herbs are grown. Herbs that have been sprayed with harsh chemicals often never mature to their height of potency. It is also a well-known fact that plants which are grown in their native environments are the healthiest and most powerful.

Customers who currently use Formula 41 Extreme can attest to the fact that the company sometimes runs out of stock. One of the reasons is they only produce a certain number of bottles each time. This guarantees that their product does not lose its potency sitting in some warehouse. Most customers buy several bottles at once to make sure they always have an adequate supply on hand because the company often runs out of stock. It is best to stock up whenever it is available. Profit was never the ultimate goal of Formula 41 Extreme makers. Their intention was to provide men living all over the world a powerful solution to their sexual dysfunction issues. They take great pride in the fact that they have done precisely that.

The Real Deal

The first thing that individuals say when they first learn about Formula 41 Extreme is that they have wasted a fortune on junk that simply did nothing. The initial question that they ask is ‘does it really work?’ Once they try it and long before the first bottle is gone the resounding answer is yes. It definitely works. Seekers should not take only the manufacturer’s word for it. The company encourages potential customers to review the scientific evidence as well as user reviews because all of this speaks to the efficiency of Formula 41 Extreme.

There is no one type of man that Formula 41 Extreme works for. It is an effective solution for men all over the globe from every walk of life. The wonderful thing about this product is that it is safe and natural. The potent plants that are combined to create Formula 41 Extreme have many other health benefits beside those that address erectile dysfunction and all without the harmful side effects of prescription drugs.


Extensive research and clinical research has been performed on the individual ingredients in Formula 41 Extreme as well as the supplement itself. There are documented result of this testing published on reliable government health websites. It would require a detailed report to explain all of the benefits of every single ingredient, especially to include all the related clinical studies. L-arginine is one of the powerful components in Formula 41 Extreme. It is amino acid that regulates the production and release of several hormones, most importantly of which is testosterone. It is also an integral element is the building process of all cell tissue.

Both of the above named key functions are vital to the male body. This amino acid is responsible for many elements of male reproduction including male sex characteristics as well as sperm count and the motility thereof. L-arginine intensifies stamina, increases performance, and directly enhances the libido. It also encourages penile growth. A portion of Formula 41 Extreme customers had no issues with erectile dysfunction. They sought out this specific supplement to increase both the length and girth of their penis because it is scientifically proven to enlarge the penis.

Formula 41 Extreme contains Catuaba bark powder which is harvested from a number of native Brazilian tree. The bark has been used for many years by the indigenous peoples of Brazil and the name Catuaba literally translates to what gives strength to the Indians. Infusions from the bark are still used to dramatically boost the libido as well as radically increase endurance and sexual performance.

In clinical studies it has been found to also increase the firmness of an erection and causes vasodilation which means that it expands penile arteries intensifying blood flow. Catuaba is extremely rich in antioxidants which is key in the elimination of free radicals or toxins. Toxins have a major impact on every system in the body. An overabundance can lead to erectile dysfunction and can jeopardize the immune system among numerous other negative results.

These are only two examples of the potent ingredients which comprise Formula 41 Extreme. Nothing on the current male enhancement market can compare to its effectiveness, not even in the prescription drug segment. It is made with 100% natural, pure, and fine quality herbs. Numerous men from all walks of life have found excellent success using it to both enhance the libido and promote penile growth. Formula 41 Extreme is high octane that definitely works whether users are looking for penile growth, libido enhancement, or both.

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