Different Methods of Hitting the G-spot

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]etting it right, when in the bedroom and satisfying a woman, can be trickier than it is for a man…

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]etting it right, when in the bedroom and satisfying a woman, can be trickier than it is for a man to reach his peak of sexual pleasure. For most of us men, it doesn’t take much to get fully wound up and result in his climax. In fact, in comparison to a woman, it is actually very easy.

That being said, it is frustrating to know that we are plodding through sex lives with our women missing out on orgasms they should be experiencing. After all, they hold the ability to cum multiple times if us guys can manage to get it right! And there is nothing sexier than watching our loved ones enjoy . . .

Where is the G-Spot?

For a start, it’s nice to know where this area is!


The G-spot is an area inside the vagina that allows a woman to experience an outstanding orgasm. There are several ways to reach this area and pleasure your woman in a way she will never forget. Male enhancement products can assist you in finding the energy and stamina to work really on your partner to find this section and stimulate for the ultimate climax achievement.

Apparently the g-spot lies around 7 cm inside and on the front of the vaginal wall – but remember that every woman is different! If you are using male enhancement supplements there is no way you can fail in finding it – using natural herbs generates lots of energy and stamina, so you can continue forward until you find it and please your missus all night long!

How to know if you have found it

A woman will experience a powerful orgasm when this area is stimulated and possibly even ejaculate. However, a woman can be pleasured via the outside of her vagina around the clitoris – if you can manage to multitask and arouse both areas, imagine the consequences!

It is possible!

Following, we are about to dive into a few tips that can help you achieve being the best sexual partner that your woman will have slept with in her entire life. The art of keeping your lady happy generates mind blowing action for you and the rewards you are to receive out of this world!

Tip number one: Positioning

Several angles that allow for penetrating a woman’s G-spot more so than others.

  1. The woman on top – there is no missing it as she has the control and her weight pressed against you causes for deep penetration.
  2. Doggy style – seems to be a favourite for creating the necessary contact on this particular area.
  3. Missionary – (but with a twist) – raise her hips by putting a pillow underneath her for allowing to enter further and there is no mistake in this one!

If you struggle, male enhancements could be the answer

Some guys may claim that their manhood cannot reach this area and for these types there are ways this can be resolved.

Firstly, try using male enhancement pills to increase the length and width of your penis! It is claimed by some users that by taking natural herbs, they have experienced a significant difference to the size of their dicks! Because the ingredients help to increase blood circulation, testosterone and energy, it is highly recommended to invest in taking daily supplements.

If you are interested in making a purchase, then click here today to find out about available products and to read up on their reviews.

Secondly, follow these next steps to help you succeed in pleasing the both of you.

Tip number two: Sex Toys

Clitoris vibrators, dildos, cock rings, whichever you choose, no matter what these are bound to work. Occasionally the penis alone is just simply not enough; you cannot be in more than one place at once!

Sexy toys can seriously have a huge impact on being able to reach those areas that heighten pleasure for increased orgasm experience. If you can be creative, you could use one inside while using your mouth on the outside or one for the hood while your penis penetrates the inside.

Lube can assist

Sometimes items brought into sexual activity may need a little moistening for full effects and so it is highly recommended to purchase lubricant as a sidekick to aid whichever toy you buy.

Talking Dirty increases power

Once you know exactly where your partner’s G-spot is and you are satisfied and comfortable in reaching this point, take this orgasm to the next level!

By using male enhancement pills, you could gain inches on your penis! If you increase in size, you can reach the female G-spot and blow your woman’s mind. At the point of orgasm, whisper something into her ear to raise the level of pleasure that she receives.

Getting one another seriously worked up and going is not coming about if the pair of you are silent. Make some noise for Christ’s sake! It doesn’t take a linguist to be able to say the odd word, even if you can only manage ‘I love you’ in the beginning.

Eventually, after you get used the sound of your own voice (because let’s face it we are not all born porn stars!) you will gain the courage to speak more and more. Let your hair down and go wild, loud sex and letting each other know how great you feel is the biggest turn on yet!


Saying something along the lines of how you feel in that moment just before she is about to climax can have an incredible effect on the level of orgasm she is about to endure. It is the little things that can seriously tip things over the edge and blow each other’s tops off! You may be surprised when she starts to reply and return the favor . . .

Try it! What have you got to lose? When you find out how easy it is, you will be wishing you figured all of this out sooner!

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