Cleanse Colon 100: Is it a Scam or the Real Deal?

Colon Cleanses are a popular scam that people run all over the internet. There are pictures of women sad then…

Colon Cleanses are a popular scam that people run all over the internet. There are pictures of women sad then smiling in their before and after shots, false testimonials, and words like ‘FAST RESULTS’. Who knows what actually works and how can you avoid stepping right into a big time scam. This is how: read this review of Cleanse Colon 100 and we will teach you how to detect a scam right off the bat.

Cleanse Colon 100 IngredientsWhat do we know about Cleanse Colon 100…

Very little. We can’t even pin down a solid ingredient list for this product. It is absolutely horrible as far as information goes. There is no way to find anything out about it. There is just a landing page with clichés about colon cleansing written all over it. There is no way to figure out what is in the stuff or if there are any possible allergic reactions or side effects one could suffer. There is obviously some kind of form of fiber and something to bulk up your eliminations to cleanse it, and some form of laxative. But we can only guess and speculate here and that isn’t quite good enough.

Directions for the Cleanse Colon 100:

  • Take one capsule 2-3x per day
  • Make sure you are close to a restroom after taking
  • Stay hydrated to compensate for the lost fluids through elimination drink at least 1 Liter per day
  • Talk to your doctor before starting the cleanse and consult with them about an effective weight loss program that will allow for sustainable weight loss results

Signs of a Scam

There are a lot of websites out there that are online-only and not sold in stores. Their websites are scant and there seems to be one conglomerate behind hawking all of these same products. We see it time and time again. I think this Cleanse Colon 100 is no better than these, I see very similarly designed web pages to this one and lots of side links offering similar products. Why would they advertise for other company colon cleanses? Only if they also owned those scams too.

Colon CleanserThe Payment Plan

This also raises a huge eyebrow for me. Initially you get the entire bottle of capsules for only $4.95. The company is calling it a 18-day trial period. Here is where the scam comes in to play, most people after ordering forget about all of this. They are trying the product. Then all of a sudden on day 18 they automatically deduct nearly $80 from your account with no way to get your money back since there is no refund. Shifty stuff.

Is this product a scam or the real deal?

The finally answer to this question is that this product is in fact a SCAM of massive proportions. They are running a colon cleanse ring on the internet and getting your credit card info in exchange for this trial period and then will charge you and you can’t get your money back. End of story.

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