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[dropcap]D[/dropcap]oes being circumcised make you miss a lot of the pleasure during sex? Here’s what our experts at MenLiveHealthy have…

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]oes being circumcised make you miss a lot of the pleasure during sex? Here’s what our experts at MenLiveHealthy have found out.

Circumcised vs uncircumcised. It’s an age-old debate as to whether you need to have your foreskin cut off or not. Some might think that it’s a bit barbaric to cut off your appendage just to make your penis look better, but some think of circumcision as a hygienic choice that men need to make. Some even think of circumcision as a rite of passage to manhood – regardless of your reasons and your arguments, men cannot justify being uncircumcised and not, since no one would really know what the difference is, until you experience it first-hand.


Some suggest that having your foreskin cut off makes you miss a lot of the enjoyment of having sex. A man’s foreskin has nerve endings that could contribute to the sensitivity of the penis to sexual stimulus while having intercourse. This makes circumcised men think – are we really missing a lot? After all, circumcised men know that they can enjoy sex, but no one knows if they are missing on the experience that would only be exclusive for uncircumcised men.

Thanks to the curiosity of men, we now have the answer.

We were quite surprised to find out that a group of people actually took their time to find out if getting circumcised would make the penis less sensitive. Given the things that people are curious about, we imagine that this topic wouldn’t be up there – but we’re glad that some people were thoughtful enough to find the answers out for us.


The awesome researchers from the Queen’s University in Ontario conducted a test to find the answers out for those who are curious – and to finally put the argument to rest. Amazingly, they were able to source 62 volunteers who agreed to have their peepees studied, explored, poked, and fondled by scientists all in the name of science. The group consisted of 30 circumcised and 32 uncircumcised men, giving it a balanced sample.

I imagine that it was quite the experience, having your member explored by strangers in the name of science, but these volunteers had it rough – rather than just fondling, they went for the full test, involving pain, temperature detection, thresholds, in multiple areas of the penis. The researchers wanted to finally conclude if having your penis snipped would somehow blunt the sensation that could be what circumcised men are missing out on.

What they found out

What the scientists found out was what every circumcised man was hoping for – they are not missing out on anything. Apparently, having your penis poked and prodded feels the same way for any man – regardless if you’re snipped or not. While this study could be seen as some as pointless, apparently many scientists were curious about it – curious enough that it warranted a full writeup in the Journal of Urology – but for many unsheathed men, it just put the myth of sexual disadvantages to rest.

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