A Review of Deer Antler Velvet: Safety & Efficiency

  Getting to Know Deer Antler Velvet For more than three centuries, Deer antler velvet has been used traditionally in…


Getting to Know Deer Antler Velvet

For more than three centuries, Deer antler velvet has been used traditionally in Chinese medicine as a strong medicinal compound. This medicinal substance has since been assumed to bring positive changes in the body. According to claims, Deer Antler Velvet can heighten energy and endurance, as well as testosterone levels. It can even bring back your lost sex drive. Interestingly, Deer Antler Velvet’s use is prohibited in some sports.

But what is Deer Antler Velvet really for? Continue reading this article to get to know this supplement further.

The Purpose of Deer Antler Velvet151c

It is important to note that there are countless men who are confident in the efficiency of this product. Among various health benefits that Deer Antler Velvet has are: quicker recuperation, higher testosterone levels, boosted immunity, and improved vigor and stamina.

Additionally, Deer Antler Velvet also stimulates muscle development, as well as help one lose weight and raise the red blood cell count.

Deer Antler Velvet is also used as a remedy for other medical problems as enumerated below:

high cholesterol                    high blood pressure

migraines                               osteoporosis

muscle aches and pains        headache

asthma                                    liver and kidney disorders

indigestion                             cold hands and feet

erectile dysfunction              arthritis

chronic skin ulcers                mental retardation

PMS                                         anemia

How Does Deer Antler Velvet Work?

Deer Antler Velvet works and delivers various health benefits by containing the substantial growth factors below:


EGF – Epidermal Growth Factor

FGF – Fibroblast Growth Factor

NGF – Neurotrophin Growth Factor

IGF-1 and IGF-2 – Insulin-like Growth Factors 1 and 2

TGF-A and TGF-B – Transforming Growth Factors A and B

Deer Antler Velvet and Ray Lewis151b

There was an issue back in 2013 concerning this supplement when Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was accused of using Deer Antler Velvet to step up his recuperation period from triceps surgery. Naturally, we need growth hormones for apparently growth and then restoration. That’s why Deer Antler Velvet can help in hastening the recovery from injuries and other conditions. These growth hormones create muscles, joints, and cartilage, as well as do other critical tasks in the body. When these growth hormones become inadequate, we become vulnerable to medical problems.

Sadly, we push our bodies very hard that we accumulate stress throughout our lives. During this time, we’re also pre-occupied with work while sleeping very little and eating poorly. We can’t even exercise properly. All this causes our growth hormones to become lesser.

If you’ve exhausted your hormones because of stress accumulated throughout the years, Deer Antler Velvet could help restore your hormones in a balanced state. Deer antler is also acclaimed by many for its potency to improve IGF-1.

The Strengths of IGF-1

It diminishes fat

It improves lean body mass

It helps in the metabolism of glucose

It constructs bones, muscles, and nerves

How Did Deer Antler Velvet Come to Be?

Deer Antler Velvet comes from the antlers of deer. The antlers are collected while the animals are young and their antlers are still coated in soft furry velvet, which originated the name “deer velvet antler”.

Each year, antlers are collected during the deer’s life. The animal is brought under control, put to sleep, and provided anesthetic to alleviate the pain when the antlers are gotten rid of.

The deer is being taken care of. The animals are not harmed when antlers are taken away. This doesn’t have side effects on the animals. They are also returned in the forests/fields.

These antlers are then turn into Deer Antler Velvet. These are disinfected, frozen, sliced or powdered, and created in various forms.

Deer Antler Velvet Forms

Deer Antler Velvet is put up for sale in the forms of slices or powder. Both can be consumed by boiling it in water with other herbs to be served as tea or soup.

In America, aside from slices and powder, tincture form of Deer Antler Velvet is also available.

For people who have no idea what tincture means, it’s when an herb or fungi saturated in grain alcohol for over a month. This alcohol pulls out healthy chemicals from the deer antler velvet. This is called the “alcohol soluble compounds”.

When Deer Antler Velvet is soaked in boiling water to be served as tea or soup, “water soluble compounds” are extracted. Trying both kinds of compounds are beneficial to the body.

IGF-1 Deer Spray

There are also deer sprays available in the market. These are deemed more efficient in terms of absorption and assimilation in the system compared to the traditional oral method of ingestion. There are numerous well-known brands of deer velvet sprays – Deer Antler Plus, BioAntler, and AntlerX.

Knowing the Side Effects

There hasn’t been significant amount of studies and trials performed on deer antler. So for now, it’s safe and ideal to use Deer Antler Velvet sporadically.

For instance, websites like WebMd said it can be safe to take Deer Antler Velvet for around 12 weeks only. The website also stated that probable negative reactions are not yet established.

Use of Deer Antler Velvet should be done with vigilance if you have hormonal problems. This is basically because Deer Antler Velvet can boost hormone levels, so if you already have hormonal issues, taking Deer Antler Velvet may not be the best option as it could further imbalance your hormones.

Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers: Do not use Deer Antler Velvet. There hasn’t been any clinical research establishing the safety of this product.

Additional Scientific Studies/Research

Check out the links below for more helpful resources.

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