7 Dating Turnoffs For Women 

Simple reminders to land a single woman The dating scene is pretty much like a hunting season in a field…

Simple reminders to land a single woman

The dating scene is pretty much like a hunting season in a field filled with landmines. You better have the right stuff, the right target, and you better not be doing something that turns her off. However, avoiding a turnoff isn’t as easy as it sounds. Women have different preferences, and you’re basically have to make quick decisions and improvise as the night goes on.

There are a myriad of things that would make a woman want or avoid a guy. Here are 7 dating turnoffs for women which we need to avoid:

    1. Getting too drunk

No one wants to hook up with a stumbling drunk. More importantly, drunk men are avoided like the plague. While it’s true that alcohol is a social lubricant, you might find yourself too loose that you couldn’t even stick to a sensible conversation. If you’re hoping to land a woman, stick to a beer or two.

    1. Earphones on

There’s nothing that speaks “don’t talk to me” louder than having your earphones on. It’s basically saying that you’re uninterested in everything else that goes around you. The same goes for men that wear Bluetooth headsets. It’s a sign that says that you’re too self-absorbed, or you’re just overcompensating for something.

    1. Too much perfume/cologne

If you still think that women would follow you blindly when you use a certain body spray, then this is for you. A little splash of cologne, aftershave, or simply a deodorant is enough to make you smell good. Drowning your skin in fragrances to the point that you have your own little atmosphere isn’t.

    1. Inexperienced wingmen

Some men bring their wingmen into their hunting zone to improve their chance of picking up girls, but bringing an inexperienced wingman may just make it harder for you. Some wingmen aren’t briefed about what their role is, and that leads to a disaster.

    1. Being broke

If you’re playing the field, better have some cash to fund your hunt. You can’t expect women to pay for your drinks no matter how ripped and gorgeous you are. If there’s one thing that would make a woman’s guard go up, it’s the broke dude who still lives with his parents.

    1. Bad breath

If none of the first 5 ticked her off and you somehow got to the point of getting close to her, you might still be rejected because of your fermented breath. No one wants to get down with someone with a bad case of halitosis. Oral hygiene is extremely important. Brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash. It’s that simple.

  1. Erectile dysfunction

If by chance you got lucky and got in her pants, you can still be rejected quite easily if you can’t perform well in bed. Erectile dysfunction is a real condition that can affect anyone. Whether it’s a lack of libido or simply a case of performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction can make her go from hot to cold in an instant. Thankfully, that’s nothing that the best male enhancement supplements can’t fix. One pill of Formula 41 Extreme is all you need to prevent erectile dysfunction.

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