5 Ways to increase your Semen Volume 

How to naturally increase Semen Volume Introduction Men have a wide range of sexual fantasies – some of which are…

How to naturally increase Semen Volume


Men have a wide range of sexual fantasies – some of which are weird, but some of them, we all agree on, like having an increased semen volume. Being able to expel a huge load doesn’t really do anything for our partner, but it does increase the sexual satisfaction men get from sex.

Before we go deeper into this article, it’s important to understand the benefits of increasing your semen volume Semen volume has been tied with masculinity and dominance. Some studies suggest that men associate semen volume with fertility, and men think that having more semen volume adds to their chances of “seeding” their partner. Increased semen volume also prolongs the sexual pleasure you get from a longer period of ejaculating. The male libido is also triggered by visual cues, and seeing your partner get covered with your semen may increase the satisfaction you get from sex.

Want to increase your semen volume? Here are 5 ways to do it:

    1. Drink plenty of fluids

It should be a no-brainer that your semen is made mostly of liquids, and you should prepare your body with fluids to increase your semen fluid. Drink plenty of clear fluids. Steer away from large consumptions of alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tea because they tend to dehydrate your body.

    1. Wear loose undergarments

Briefs or boxers? If you’re trying to increase your semen volume, better change to boxers ASAP. Briefs tend to constrict the vessels in your groin area, which can greatly affect the volume of seminal fluid stored by your body.

    1. Stop n go method

If you’re the patient type of guy, you might want to try the stop n go method. Basically, you need to masturbate to the point just seconds before reaching an orgasm and then slam the brakes to a dead stop. Wait until you’re a bit flaccid then start masturbating again then stopping again before you reach your orgasm. This technique would greatly improve your semen volume, but then again, this is only reserved for people who has the ability to control themselves.

    1. Abstinence

You might have noticed that you expel a lot of semen after going for a week without sex. That’s because your body builds up on zinc and testosterone, which are expelled during an orgasm. If you go for long stretches without masturbating or sex, by the time you choose to have an orgasm, you would definitely blow a huge load.

  1. Take male enhancement supplements

The best male enhancement supplements also have an effect in increasing your semen volume. This is due to the zinc content that only a few male enhancement supplements have. Simply put, zinc is an important mineral that testosterone craves. When you ejaculate, your body loses a significant amount of zinc. The zinc content of these male enhancement supplements will help you replenish, and even increase the amount of zinc in your body, which would eventually increase your semen volume.

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