5 TV Characters we all wish we could be

Don’t you ever wish you could be them? When you watch primetime TV, don’t you ever wish that you were…

Don’t you ever wish you could be them?

When you watch primetime TV, don’t you ever wish that you were living the life of the characters you see on your TV screen? It’s hard not to get envious of every fictional character that has it all – the women, the money, the looks, and the character.

Primetime TV has given us so many characters that represent the life we secretly wish we had. Here are 5 TV characters we all wish we could be.

    1. Michael Kelso – That ‘70s Show (Ashton Kutcher)

I remember when That ‘70s Show aired in the mid-2000s. It was such a hit back then, and its success is widely due to the chemistry and talent that their cast had on-set. One of the characters on the show was Michael Kelso, portrayed by none other than Ashton Kutcher. This guy had everything – the looks, the body, and the girl. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to make out with Mila Kunis every episode? For that reason alone, Kelso gets our vote.

    1. Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother (Neil Patrick Harris)

Suit up! The cast womanizer and Ted Mosby’s other best friend, Barney Stinson definitely had it all. He looks dapper in his suits, he knows his fabric, and best of all – he’s motivated to get women. Barney gets his way with women with an array of tricks that would lead them to his bedroom. We all wanted to be in Barney Stinson’s shoes to make our lives Legen…wait for it.. DARY!

    1. Joey Tribbiani – Friends (Matt LeBlanc)

The group’s slow-witted but charming womanizer Joey is definitely one of the key reasons why Friends was such a hit even 11 years after it went off the air. He charms women with his one liner – How you ‘doin? And apparently it works every time! We’re not sure how he does it, but apparently good looks and charm can help you get laid easily in the world of Friends.

    1. Vincent Chase  – Entourage (Adrian Grenier)

The show’s protagonist and A-list celebrity Vincent Chase has all the things we want as a bachelor: the fame, the money, the girls, and the loyal buddies. To top that off, everything appeared to be easy for the guy – even getting girls like pornstar Sasha Gray in his bedroom. Vinny Chase got every woman in Hollywood creaming for him. I don’t know about you, but that’s the life for me.

    1. Patrick Jane – The Mentalist (Simon Baker)

Who wouldn’t want the ability to get inside women’s heads and make them work for you? Apparently this guy can. Not only can he charm women with his sandy-blonde hair, he can manipulate their subconscious using an array of mental tricks to lead them to do what he wants. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

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