5 Simple Ways to get Your Partner in the Mood

Looking for ways to get your partner started? Getting women in the mood isn’t as easy as it is for…

Looking for ways to get your partner started?

Getting women in the mood isn’t as easy as it is for us men. For us, all it takes is that one touch, one look, or just something erotic that flashes in our mind. That’s all there is to it, but for women, it’s a lot more different and a lot more complicated. More often than not, we’re not really sure how we got them in the mood in the first place.

Instead of just relying on sheer dumb luck, you can learn the ways to get your partner in the mood. Here are 5 simple ways to get your partner in the mood:

    1. Massage

A massage can quickly turn erotic if you do it right. When you massage your partner, you get to touch her erogenous zones, which get you an opening into introducing something erotic in your massage. However, massages aren’t as simple as putting pressure on her body. There are some tutorials about giving a sensual massagesensual massage to your partner. Learn how to do it right and you got yourself a nice on-switch for your partner.

    1. Buy her some sexy lingerie

It turns a woman on when she knows that she looks sexy in an outfit. When shopping for gifts, sexy lingerie will definitely turn your woman on. She knows what it’s for, and she knows what’s on your mind when you got it for her. Knowing that you had some fantasies playing in your head will definitely make her want to do the dirty deed with you.

    1. Role play

50 shades of Grey was a hit for a reason. It introduces BDSM and role-playing in a relationship. Women just love it – the idea of doing something new for eroticism and sex – that would surely turn them on. It’s not just BDSM; simply roleplaying can introduce new things into your relationship – things that you can use in the bedroom, of course.

    1. Hormone balancing

Sometimes, women may not be in the mood because their hormones are out of whack. During these no-sex days, you’re pretty much left with no other option but to wait it out. If she’s feeling unusually interested in sex, you might need to solve it with a supplement. Believe it or not, some of the best male enhancement supplements can work for women as well. Marathon Man Maca 1000 can improve your sexual stamina, and it can also improve the libido of your partner. Marathon Man Maca 1000 contains Maca Root, an ingredient that balances hormones to heighten her feeling of arousal.

    1. The foreplay of foreplay

Before you get hot and heavy on the foreplay, there are subtle hints that you can drop to let her know that you’re ready for some lovin’. A simple brush of her hair, your hand on her waist, or the way your leg brushes up hers can give her subtle hints that you want her. For most women, the feeling that they are wanted by their partner – sexually and romantically – can turn them on pretty quickly.

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