5 Signs You Are Overcompensating for a Small Penis

Are you guilty of overcompensating? What you do on a daily basis reflects on a lot of things, including your…

Are you guilty of overcompensating?

What you do on a daily basis reflects on a lot of things, including your social status, income, culture, upbringing, and yes – even your penis size. In fact, a lot of signs point to a man’s desire to compensate for a certain shortcoming (pun intended).

A man’s penis is the embodiment of his manhood. Years and years of social evolution lead us to believe that a man with a small penis is also inadequate in bed. While some women say that it’s not the size but the skill, many of us still know the real score – a big penis has a better chance of satisfying a woman than a small one. That’s why many men overcompensate to hide the fact that they have a small penis. Here are some telltale signs that a man is overcompensating for a small penis.

    1. Monster trucks

One of the classics of a man who overcompensates is a big truck, typically fitted with oversized wheels to match their lack of size down under. Trucks are manly, and the more manly it appears, the more men think it adds to their machismo. Big rigs are one of the easiest to spot in a man who overcompensates, so if you have a big rig, maybe reconsider by trading it for a much more comfortable, gentleman’s sedan.

    1. Big game hunting

In today’s day and age, men hardly need to hunt for food anymore. But hunting is a man’s job, and being manly is what men with small packages thrive for. You can spot them in their social media circles, posting pictures of their catch or themselves posing next to a carcass. If you’re still fond of hunting, maybe you can switch to a different hobby, like conservation of wildlife.

    1. Overpowering cologne/perfume

You can easily spot a man who’s overcompensating by just your sense of smell. Anyone who uses an overpowering musk is someone who’s definitely overcompensating for something. Men who overcompensate their lack of size are typically those who want to gain attention however they might get it.

    1. Loudmouth

You can easily spot this in any party or gathering you attend to. This is the guy who wants to be the loudest guy in the room to get everyone’s attention. If a guy constantly craves attention for nothing, then you can very well suspect that he lacks in size or otherwise.

  1. Peacocking 

Peacocking is dressing up excessively to gain attention. It’s a mechanism that enables men with shortcomings to be a little more confident. Peacocking is extremely annoying, not to mention that it’s a telltale signs of a man who overcompensates. Better invest your money into something that will increase your manhood instead of your attire.

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