5 Sexiest Jobs for Men

Does your job make you sexy? What does your job say about you? Your job takes up most of your…

Does your job make you sexy?

What does your job say about you? Your job takes up most of your time during the day, and it would obviously affect your lifestyle and also your sex life. Your job can either make you the most interesting man on the room, or just another slob she won’t pay attention to. What you do for a living matters, and sometimes, it can even be the thing that gets you in her pants.

Most women won’t admit that what a man does for a living adds to his allure. It’s not like she’s already looking for the man’s capability to make money, but some jobs are just more interesting than others. Women are attracted to a number of things, and just one of these would be what you do for a living. Your personality and looks still matter, but these 5 jobs would definitely make you sexier in her eyes:

    1. Police officer / Firefighter / Soldier

Women love men in uniform. Add to the fact that your job is to save lives, and that definitely brings up the intrigue-o-meter for women. A job in public service is one of the manliest jobs you could find. Women feel secure when they are going out with a man in uniform. It definitely helps that police officers, firefighters, and soldiers have fantastic physiques brought about by their job requirements and responsibilities.

    1. Musicians

Ever wonder why women always fall for band members? It’s not just about the talent – even older women find musicians cool. The fame and fortune that musicians have, combined with the talent they possess makes them sexy. No wonder why groupies love going wherever the band goes.

    1. Carpenters/Builders

One of the manliest jobs out there is being a carpenter. Going back to our roots, men are expected to create shelters for their family and community. That’s why some women find carpenters and builders to be sexy. It also helps that their job requires some heavy lifting, and some builders have lifted their way into a rock-hard chiseled body that women love.

    1. Chef

If anyone told you that food is the fastest way to a man’s heart, the same goes for women. Being able to create gourmet dishes at home makes chefs an absolute catch for women. Not only are great male chefs hard to find, it’s hard to find someone that aren’t taken. Chefs are for keeps. That’s why not many remain single.

    1. Doctors

The gentle hands of a doctor may just be what women need to get off. Doctors have it all – the brains, the fame, and the bank. Doctors are a catch for women. They save lives and they are incredibly gifted in the intellectual level. A doctor’s job also prompts them to carry themselves well in front of other people, which make them quite the confident kind when women bring them to parties and gatherings.

The lowdown

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