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5 reasons why she can’t climax 

Understanding the female orgasm For many of us men, sex is not complete without making your partner orgasm. The ability…

Understanding the female orgasm

For many of us men, sex is not complete without making your partner orgasm. The ability to make a woman orgasm gives us men a huge boost to our ego and self-esteem; but even when things are going as planned, your partner may not be able to reach her climax during sex. When this happens, don’t read too much into it. It’s as common as premature ejaculation for men – and all it needs is a little bit of understanding to know what prevents her from having an orgasm. Here are 5 reasons why she can’t climax:

    1. Stress

Stress can creep into any aspect of our lives, even sexual relationships. Is she stressed at work? Is there a looming bill deadline that she worries about? Being stressed makes her less receptive to sexual stimulus, and sometimes, not even the most romantic and sexual gestures can get her into the mood, much less give her an orgasm. If she’s stressed, don’t expect her to orgasm, but do your very best to make it pleasurable for both of you.

    1. Hormonal imbalance

You read hormonal imbalance in everything related to sex, so it’s not a surprise that hormonal imbalance also prevents your partner from reaching an orgasm. In a nutshell, the female orgasm is governed by hormones and nerve signals, if one goes out of whack, then you can’t expect your partner to reach an orgasm. If your partner has difficulty reaching an orgasm, let her try supplements containing Maca Root. It’s one of the few sexual health supplements that can be used by both men and women, and it is used in the best male enhancement supplements. Maca Root has been used for centuries to aid fertility in farming cattle.

    1. Being selfish

Some men are so into the moment that they only focus on their own pleasure and they forget about returning the favor to their partner. Remember, sex is meant to be pleasurable for both of you, so make it a point that you make sex pleasurable for both of you. Be sensitive to what your partner wants during sex, and you’ll reel her in in no time.

    1. Romance

Society tells us that masculinity is always linked with being tough and aggressive, and sometimes that’s good with sex; but sometimes,  the lack of romance in a relationship makes women less receptive to sexual pleasure, which prevents them from reaching an orgasm. Make time for romance, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship.

    1. Low libido in men

Your libido can have a parallel effect on your partner during sex. If your partner senses that you’re not into it as much as she does, she might become reluctant to make herself climax. Men can still have sex even when they have low libido levels, but their partner would likely sense that. Take the best male enhancement supplements to help improve your libido and increase your chances of making your partner experience an orgasm.

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