5 Myths about Sex Debunked

Myths about sex that you need to stop believing From the time we start to get curious, we are bombarded…

Myths about sex that you need to stop believing

From the time we start to get curious, we are bombarded with tons of information about sex. It’s easy to believe most of these so-called facts because there’s nothing to disprove these facts at the time. What we knew about sex came from our trusty old friends, awkward parents, or good ‘ol Google search; there are literally hundreds of misleading information about sex that we all believe.

Thankfully, time has caught up with the myths and there’s enough evidence now to debunk these sex myths. Here are 5 myths about sex revealed!

    1. First time sex will always hurt

Women are under the impression that first time sex will always cause intense pain, and why shouldn’t they believe it? With all the blood involved in first time sex, you can almost anticipate pain in every thrust. Gents, do your virgin partners a huge favor by making their first time enjoyable. Take the time to arouse your partners and ensure that she’s well lubricated before you thrust it in. Be patient. Use lubrication if possible.

    1. Women don’t watch porn

Oh, but they do. They just won’t admit it. A research conducted by a porn website showed that women also watch porn – and not just a small portion of the internet browsing community. The researched showed that about 8.5/10 women watch porn at an average. Women may not want us to discover their nasty side, but you know it’s there.

    1. Double bagging is a lie

The practice of putting two condoms at once is thought to reduce your chances of impregnating your partner. In reality, you’re increasing your chance of getting her pregnant. Despite being sturdy, condoms reduce their structural integrity when it rubs against another condom. Condoms are just designed to retain its elasticity and strength when used on flesh, and rubbing it against another condom may actually puncture it. Some use double bagging to increase the girth of their penis. Better use the best male enhancement supplements instead!

    1. Frequent sex makes a woman’s vagina loose

Contrary to popular belief, frequent sex won’t make a woman’s vagina loose. The tightness of the vagina is dictated by a number of factors, which are dominated by sexual arousal and hormones. If the woman is at the peak of her horniness, you can expect her vagina to be a bit more loose than usual. Rough sex, frequent sex, and large penises won’t affect the size, shape, and tightness of a woman’s vagina.

    1. Men can only last up to 4 orgasms 

A man’s orgasm is dictated by a number of factors, most of which are controlled by hormones, sexual pleasure, and nutrition. If your body has everything in the right place, you can have more than 5 orgasms in one night. The best male enhancement supplements can make men last the whole night through. Supplements like Marathon Man Maca 1000 can affect the balance of your hormones to help you last all night long.

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