5 Foreplay tricks you need to learn

Be the master in the bedroom with these foreplay tricks! Ask any woman and they’ll tell you that foreplay is…

Be the master in the bedroom with these foreplay tricks!

Ask any woman and they’ll tell you that foreplay is important during sex. Not only does a good foreplay make sex fantastic afterwards, it makes sex memorable. Proper foreplay is a quickly-disappearing art form, and it’s up to you to let your partner feel that you’re not like most men.

Foreplay is important for women since their bodies take a little bit more time to warm up. Sexual arousal makes their vaginas relax and ready for penetration, which reduces the pain they feel during sexual intercourse. Make it a point that you spend ample time during foreplay to enjoy the most out of sex. Here are 5 foreplay tricks you need to learn:

    1. Dirty talk

Sometimes, the best way to get into her head isn’t through kissing, licking, and touching. Sometimes, all you need is your voice to get her all riled up. Talking dirty lets you start the foreplay long before the first article of clothing gets removed. Let her know how bad you want her by whispering things to her ear. Get her started even before you leave for your place.

    1. Pay attention to her tits

Women love it when you give their breasts the attention they deserve. The problem is, most of us men are satisfied by just looking at it and sucking on them for a bit. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting the twins. Play with it, suck it, massage it, or what have you – just don’t forget that they exist. Women feel intense pleasure when you play with their breasts. In fact, some women can reach an orgasm with just boob play.

    1. Undress her

Even the act of undressing her is already foreplay. Taking her clothes off involves anticipation and excitement that transcends to sexual arousal. The more attention you pay to her body, the more she’ll return the favor later on. Don’t focus on the end result and act in haste. Rather, follow her pace during foreplay. If she wants it gentle and sensual, remove her clothes sensually, one piece at a time. If you sense that she’s she-hulk who wants to rip you apart, then a little brute force on her clothes would probably be the best way to go.

    1. Tongue action

This goes for everything you can do with your tongue. Start with a passionate kiss. Here’s the kicker with a passionate French kiss – don’t EXHALE through your mouth or she’ll know what you had for dinner. As for other things, being gentle is always the way to go. Whether you’re gently sucking on her nipples, or licking her clitoris, gentle is the best way to start. Learn when to leave her hanging to let her anticipate your next move.

    1. Take male enhancement supplements

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