5 foods that can increase your libido

Keep these foods in your diet to strengthen your libido! Ever wonder why one day you’re horny as hell and…

Keep these foods in your diet to strengthen your libido!

Ever wonder why one day you’re horny as hell and one day you’re just limp as a leech? There’s probably a reason for that. Your diet affects your sex life more than you think it does. What you’ve eaten for dinner can come back and haunt you when it’s time to hit it in the bedroom, and sometimes what you had for lunch will fuel your libido all night long.

Here are 5 foods that can increase your libido:

    1. Oyster

It’s been known for decades that oysters can increase the libido of men, and until recently, we didn’t know why. Oyster is rich in zinc – a mineral that is important in the production of testosterone. Older men experience a natural decline in their production of testosterone, and the zinc content of oysters can help with that. It’s also important to note that oysters would only work with men who experience zinc deficiency.

    1. Figs

Sometimes, your libido isn’t out of whack, and all you really need is the right biological signals to turn you on. Eating figs can enhance the secretion of pheromones in your body – that biological chemicals that your body releases that we involuntarily process through our olfactory sense. Pheromones are responsible for a biological connection that makes you instantly attracted and horny when you sense that a biological match is near you. Eat figs regularly and notice how she responds to your presence.

    1. Almonds

This super nut is packed with goodness that not only your heart is happy, but your sex life as well. Almonds contain selenium, vitamin E, and zinc, which are all proponents of better sexual health. Like what we have mentioned earlier, zinc promotes better testosterone production, while selenium helps with infertility problems. It’s also a bonus that almonds contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are important fatty acids to maintain a healthy blood flow.

    1. Watermelon

Freshen up with a slice of watermelon! This refreshing fruit has more to offer than just its soft and squishy content. Watermelons are packed with lycopene and beta carotene, which are essential nutrients in promoting a better blood flow, and citrulline, a precursor to arginine – the amino acid responsible for relaxing and dilating blood vessels so blood can flow freely to your penis.

    1. Sesame seeds

There’s a bunch of foods where you could get zinc. The best food source for zinc is oysters, but since you can’t eat oysters every day, you can simply settle with sesame seeds for convenience. You can add sesame seeds on your vegetable stir fry or the top of your oven-baked bun. Sesame seeds are a rich source of zinc, which can help your testosterone production.

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