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3 Ways to Increase your Focus

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are living in a society with little to no attention span. Attention Deficit Disorder is popping up now more…

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are living in a society with little to no attention span. Attention Deficit Disorder is popping up now more than ever before. The average human attention span is currently 5 seconds. We can no longer read a full book in an afternoon, nor can we listen to someone speaking without zoning out halfway. This lack of focus can turn into anxiety, depression and a whole host of other mental disorders. How do we fix this? How do we stay focused in today’s world? Here’s how to turn your brain back on.

    1. Limit your social media consumption

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We are inundating ourselves with random content day in and day out. One second you’re watching a video of a rabbit eating raspberries and the next you’re reading an article on how cannabis oil can cure stomach ulcers. Where are you getting this information? Social media. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Taking all this information in, on top of the stressors of the day is making us dumb. We no longer give our brains a rest. When was the last time you just let your mind “wander”? Going from topic to topic so quickly can stress out our brain and make us become unable to operate like we should in our day to day interactions and tasks. Use social media for posting only and try not to consume your feeds too heavily. Keep your phone off the dinner table and try actually experiencing life fully instead of constantly interrupting yourself.

    1. Mindfulness And Meditation

Marijuana For Mental Focus - Weed Depot
Marijuana For Mental Focus – Weed Depot

The word meditation can sound a little overwhelming. You don’t have to necessarily sit down all alone, in total silence to get present. You can also just become mindful in your everyday activities. It’s sort of like an active meditation. When you’re walking down the street, imagine that your mind is a wheel or a ball rolling as you walk. You can picture it being in your head if you like. Whenever you move, the ball moves with you. When you do this, you are in a way, “observing” your mind. You can also try naming objects around the room, but instead of naming what they are, you are going to call the lamp a banana and the couch is a llama. Give incorrect labels to objects you see and you will be pulled into the present moment where your focus is always sharp as a razor.

    1. Holy Basil

As a supplement to mindfulness and social media detox, a herb called “holy basil” can help you regain your focus back. It is often taken by monks before meditation in order to deepen concentration. It makes you calm, but not in a drowsy way, more like in a Zen way. Holy Basil also lowers cortisol and when your brain is scrambled, your cortisol is high. You can buy it in tea or capsule form. Drink some Holy Basil tea when you’re reading or when you know you’ll need a little extra brain power.


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