3 Things Your Sperm Says About Your Health

Watch out for these signs We’re tackling a rarely-talked about topic in sexual health – your semen. Contrary to popular…

Watch out for these signs

We’re tackling a rarely-talked about topic in sexual health – your semen. Contrary to popular belief, your semen isn’t just about your reproductive health. In fact, your semen says something about your complete health, and that’s something that you can’t afford to ignore. More often than not, we don’t pay attention to what we release during sex, but it’s high time that you check your semen for signs about your current health state.

You can learn more about your body by examining your semen. Here are 3 things your semen says about your health.

    1. Small amount of semen

Does it bother you that you only ejaculate a small amount of semen when you climax? Most men don’t really care whether they spurt a teaspoon’s worth of semen or a shotglass’ worth. It only plays a bit of a role in satisfying your sexual fantasies by seeing how messy your semen can get your partner. However, the amount of semen that you ejaculate during your orgasm tells you something about your testosterone levels. A small amount of semen indicates that you don’t have the optimal testosterone levels due to a zinc deficiency. Your body needs zinc to produce testosterone, and if you have a zinc deficiency, it would directly affect the amount of semen that your body produces.

    1. Discoloration in your semen

Your semen should practically look the same even as you get older. The usual white/grayish appearance is something that should remain consistent. If you find that your semen looks different than ordinary then you might need to have yourself checked by a physician. Yellowish semen indicates a small presence of urine in your semen, which is normal. However, a bright yellow, greenish, or gold color may indicate an infection in your prostate. If it’s pink, red, brown, or dark brown, it may indicate the presence of blood in your semen. The vitamins and supplements that you take may also affect the color of your semen. Try going for a few days without the new supplements that you’re taking to figure out if that is causing your discolored semen.

      1. Low sperm count

Having a low sperm count doesn’t just say how good your swimmers are in terms of increasing your chances of being a father. Having a low sperm count is typically a symptom and not a condition. If you have a low sperm count, you’re probably low on testosterone, too. Also, having a low sperm count may indicate a number of other illnesses, including: hypertension, alcoholism, overweight/obesity, stress, lack of sleep, and BPA exposure. If you had your sperm tested, your doctor may recommend you to be tested for other illnesses, especially if you have risk factors that increase your chances of getting the illnesses mentioned.

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